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Write to Your Readers…

And forget the rest.

I see it often with writers. You are trying to please everyone. Your real love is romantic comedy (rom com), but your mom reads thrillers and your best friend wants to know when you’ll write real books (whatever that is). So you write something to make everyone happy.

It’s never going to happen. You will never make everyone happy.

Fans read books they are love and that is not going to be a mystery, romance, thriller, horror, fantasy. Sure a book can have elements of all of those, and often they do. But no book can be all those genres.

Every author has a readership and a set of fans. And while the ultimate goal is to build your readership to millions, you’re only going to do that if you’re pleasing the 10,000 fans currently buying your books.

You need them first. You need them to love what you’re writing. To recommend your books to friends, and to be your base for a million others.

Push yourself to make each next book better than the last, but remember who you’re writing to. Those are your true readers.

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