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How to Query a Series

In case you missed it, last week on the BookEnds YouTube Channel, literary agents Jessica and James sit down and give their best tips on writing and submitting a series to agents. Take a look:

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  1. A least one agent (I know I queried him) requests only five pages and the query. So, send a synopsis or not? Also, I think it’s a wonderful idea to send the blurb for each book in the series. However, if these items were not requested by the agent is your query going to delete world ?

  2. I’m writing chapter books and have heard that agents typically like a series for chapter books. Would you change anything in your advice for a chapter book series? My query is pretty much as you’ve described, but thanks for the advice on the synopsis addition. I had wondered if I should have 4 books written (I have one complete, and the second in a draft form), but it sounds like I should be ok to start querying with just the one.

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