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BookEnds Query Policy

The BookEnds query policy is that you can query all agents at BookEnds, just one at a time, please.

If you get a pass from one, you can still query another, and another, and another. A pass from one is not a pass from all.

How BookEnds Shares Queries

A frequent question is whether BookEnds shares queries with each other and how would authors know. How do you know if another agent has already seen the query?

Thanks to Query Manager, sharing and managing our queries is super simple. If the agent you originally queried decides your book is better for another agent they will often pass it along. You’ll know that because the response will come from the agent it was passed to. That person will respond on behalf of both agents.

There are many, many situations when an author has become a BookEnds client after a query was passed on or after being passed by one of our agents. Persistence is one of the many keys to publication. Keep at it.

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