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Join BookEnds for a Webinar!

Jessica Faust and James McGowan are thrilled to invite 75 writers to join them for a one hour webinar on Thursday June 25th, 2020 at 6pm EST. They’ll be discussing “How To Get a Literary Agent (and How Literary Agents Find Clients).” The webinar will cover the pros and cons of query letters, in person and online pitch events, and even social media usage with the goal for signing with an agent. There will be a Q&A session in the latter half of the event.

Please note that participants will be on a first come, first serve basis. For those interested, please register through the Eventbrite page for the event:

BookEnds is pleased to offer 15 guaranteed tickets to Black creators. The first five Black Authors who comment on this blog post, our Instagram Post, and our Twitter Post will be admitted for the webinar.

We’re eagerly looking forward to the event, and hope you bring with you your burning querying questions!

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  1. Thank you for doing this webinar and for putting into action your words about making a change in children’s publishing to be more inclusive.

  2. I clicked on register and completed the info requested, but it doesn’t seem to let me go any further. It just keeps counting down how much time I have left.

  3. So excited about this. I’m trying to register but the register button doesn’t seem to work after I enter my personal information.

    1. Hi Sally, We’re sorry, but the webinar has been filled. We hope to do more of these in the future, so keep an eye out!

  4. This is great. Unfortunately, I discovered it too late. Any change it will be recorded and can be offered as a recorded webinar? Thanks so much!

  5. It would be incredibly helpful if those who were closed out could audit the webinar (or view after-the-fact) via YouTube (or some other means). I’m sure the questions and topics addressed would be greatly appreciated..

  6. Sadly, I registered in time. Got all the email confirmations and downloaded all the necessary apps. Unfortunately, none of the links worked and I was unable to attend. So much for being prudent. Really hoping that the event will be posted and shared later . . .

  7. Registered super early. Was thrilled to have a spot. Unfortunately, NOTHING brought me to the event. Thought ‘d been finally rewarded for being on top of things. Alas? I was never able to log in or attend. Trouble shooted with eventbrite for an hour before giving up… my luck entirely

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