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Cheat Sheet to Answering An Agent Offer

You’ve been sent an offer of representation. Congratulations! This is wonderful news and we hope you celebrate this major achievement. Now what? Oh yeah… you have to answer the email sent to you by your potential new agent.

You sit and begin typing away–an acceptance or rejection answer to the email. But then you abruptly stop, either to delete a sentence or everything you have written. No big deal. Who has not done this? You resume typing before you repeat the same course of action. And now you’re frustrated.

You just wrote and polished an entire manuscript, but writing a response to an offer of representation is becoming the most challenging thing on the planet? Well fear not! Author Sami Ellis has got your back on this one.

Ellis has created this amazing cheat sheet of email templates for writers to use when handling an offer of representation. We highly recommend you check it out!

A few weeks ago, Jessica had done a blog post: Open Calls from Publishers-an Author’s Rights where she helps you to understand your rights. For even more information, check out this video Jessica and James did on the BookEnds YouTube channel: How to Handle and Offer of Publication.

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