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Taking Time to Process Feelings

Previously I’ve written on the importance of the 24-Hour Rule, something I learned from youth sports. When we think of this rule, and taking 24 hours before reacting, we often think of it in terms of anger, but if I’ve learned anything in 2020, it’s equally effective in times of stress and anxiety.

The 24-Hour Rule advises that before reacting you give yourself 24-Hours. This allows time to process your real feelings, calm down, and develop a plan more productive than simply reacting.

As an agent, I use the 24-Hour Rule all the time. I use it when I’m upset, but I’ve also found it’s incredibly helpful to process thoughts on revisions, edits, negotiations, and even offer calls.

24-Hours isn’t just about calming down, it’s about developing a plan, and preparing language. It also gives you time to focus on what your goal is in having the conversation.

Next time you’re upset, anxious, fearful, sad, or angry, give yourself 24-hours to see if things change or to give yourself better or a different perspective. I think you’ll find it’s helpful.

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