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How Publishing Managed 2020 is an Indication of Future Success

I’m not the first, the last, or the only to say that 2020 was a wild ride. I’ve learned a lot this year. About myself, BookEnds, friends, loved ones, and the publishing industry.

What I’ve learned most, however, is how much a positive attitude and resilience are needed on the road to publishing success. And not just for authors.

For years we’ve talked about how an author needs to be able to pivot, to stay in tune with the market, and to understand that publishing is a business. 2020 was the big reminder that this advice holds true for all of us, including agents and publishers.

The 2020 Business Model

In 2020 we learned what a remote working world would look like and, for some of us, it isn’t so bad. BookEnds was lucky, we had long-ago established a solid remote working environment and the change from March 12 (our last day in office) to March 13 (when we started what’s now been 9 months of remote work) was seamless. We already used Slack and Query Manager but mostly, we had mastered the art of adapting to an ever-changing world. If you work for me you get used to the idea of innovation. Airtable anyone?

2021 and a vaccine should not mean going back to 2019, not in publishing, and not anywhere. Taking what we’ve learned in 2020 is maybe what we needed to shake up a potentially stale industry.

Because of 2020, we understand that remote work is possible, author portals are a lifesaver, and a more diverse and inclusive industry is required.

As I look forward to the future I’m excited by what BookEnds is bringing to the table. We didn’t slow down in 2020 and we don’t intend to do so in 2021. The books we sold this year, will be the change-makers next year and beyond.

I’m excited to take what 2020 gave us and spin it into a better world, in publishing and beyond.

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