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Meet the Agents of BookEnds

Today is the last official day of 2020 and what a year it’s been. I am so lucky and proud to get to work with and learn from the amazing agents of BookEnds. What’s really cool about this group is the variety of interests, books, and genres we have and represent. And yet, how we can all find so many common grounds.

At BookEnds you’ll find an agent for almost every genre you write or want to write. The one exception (so far) seems to be the techno-thriller. As of this post, no one is really all that interested in representing techno-thrillers.

Serial killer books though? Got it. Board books? Covered. Business books and memoirs? Got them too. From children to adults, fiction to nonfiction, we have your book covered.

The trick that writers always seem to have isn’t necessarily finding the agency, it’s finding the agent. I’m excited to say that BookEnds has added something I don’t think any other agency has. A video conversation with each of our agents.

Now, in addition to the About Us page and the Submissions pages where you can get a taste of who we are and what we do, we also have the Conversations with a BookEnds Agents playlist on YouTube (each video is also on our About Us page). Here you can get a real taste of each of our personalities, tastes, and interests. And every conversation is different.

So while you wait for querying to start up again in 2021, we’re going to give you lots of fodder for your research. Enjoy! We look forward to seeing your query in the new year.

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