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The Future of Publishing

As we ease into a new year I have no doubt that many are asking what the future holds for publishing.

While I can’t claim to predict the future, I can talk a bit about what I see, hear, and hope.

A More Diverse Future

The number one thing we need to do is hold those in charge accountable for who they publish and hire. Back in 2020, we promised a more diverse publishing. Now we have to deliver. All of those publishing houses and agencies, ours included, who made statements about better hiring and publishing practices need to live up to their promises.

This can’t be something that’s conveniently forgotten. The change, the work, needs to continue.

Remote Work

As a business owner, I’m extremely interested to see how the working world changes. I think remote work is here to stay and those companies that haven’t embraced it in a way that makes employees feel seen and involved are in trouble.

After nearly a year of working remotely, I don’t need anyone else in my office with me daily. Sure, a visit now and then to help with filing or mailing would be great, but in my opinion, that’s once a week at most. Personally, I feel at BookEnds we’ve found a way to make remote work successful and inclusive.

The Books We Publish

Will there be pandemic books in our future? What about more rom com or dark thrillers? The jury is still out, as it often is, on what will be hot in 2021 or the years beyond. Publishers are making their gambles and their publication schedules are set, but it will be the public who determines what the future of publishing looks like.

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  1. How is the transition to a more diverse industry going do you think? Are folks fulfilling their promises or do you see it losing some steam?

  2. I have always dreamt of working in publishing but I can’t afford to live in or near NYC on the salary that I would have to take to make a career change. The silver lining of this pandemic is that I have seen more remote jobs and paid internships in publishing. I really hope you are right and this trend continues because I believe it is key to diversifying the industry.

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