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Finding Our Voice on Social Media

I’m not much of an over-thinker. In fact, some people would say that sometimes I barely think. When it comes to social media I’m more of a jump first, think later type of gal.

I didn’t think too much about joining Twitter, getting off Facebook, or even starting the BookEnds YouTube channel. I just jumped because, well, what’s there to think about?

The same now holds true for Clubhouse. I’m just jumping.

When it comes to social media the only way to do it is to do. You can’t know if you’re going to like a platform until you try it, play on it, and test it out. And I think it’s pretty hard to really fail too badly, especially if you’re remaining true to who you are.

The YouTube Experiment

The best example I have on this, probably the easiest to see and most public, is my inaugural video on Youtube. We had decided we were going to try bringing our blog to Youtube and the way I saw it, was the only way to do it was to do it. It’s also the way I started the blog.

If you’ve been on the channel at all you can easily see how rough those first videos were. I didn’t know what the background should be and we didn’t yet have microphones. But I, and later we did it anyway. And with each video, we learned. We learned we needed microphones, fewer props on our table, and we learned, thanks to Zoom, that we are more engaged when we look at each other rather than the camera.

We’ve also learned which content works, which doesn’t and which we love to do even if it’s just for us (book tube anyone?).

If you’re looking to get on social media the only way to do is to do. You might find some that aren’t for you, you might change and move off some over time and you might also find a happy place (Instagram) that is easy, fun, and also taps into other creative interests.

Social media doesn’t have to be perfect and it can be areal blast, but you’ll never know where you fit until you try.

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  1. I love this! I for one am really glad Bookends is choosing to stay with YouTube. Everyone tells me I should start an AuthorTube channel but I am definitely overthinking it – lights, sound, backdrop – it’s a wonder I even make it to my book club meetings since they’ve started being held via Zoom! And that’s without even considering what the heck I’d offer as actual content. I should just take a page from your book and just be genuine. That’s all any social media consumer is really looking for, on any platform.

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