What Do Literary Agents Do All Day?

That’s a good question. What DO literary agents do all day? We had a YouTube viewer ask us, and we decided to make a video out of it. Want a peek behind the publishing curtain? Enjoy!

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  1. I was very impressed with this video, “What do Literary Agents do all day?” I will be watching as many of these as I possibly can from now on. I have become a big fan of Jessica’s even though she rejected my two first submissions of two different manuscripts. I thought that there must be a good reason for the rejections. So, I am trying to learn as much as I possibly can in order to “fix” any problems with my manuscripts that cause these rejections. I am a very determined person and my sights are set on making a successful submission and getting an Agent to represent me and my work.

    So, keep an eye open for more from me. lol

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