The Benefits of NOT Writing

You’ve likely heard this piece of advice before: you need to put your butt in a chair and write every day in order to get better at writing.

It’s not true. Not everything has to be full speed ahead, especially when it comes to writing. Take it from two literary agents who have seen the ways that the “butt-in-a-chair” advice hampers your creative process.

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  1. I so agree! I mean, they tell you NOT to work out every day, right? If you want to actually build muscle, you need time to heal. I think writing is the same way – at least, it is for me! Only instead of heal I guess what I do on non-writing days (besides get chores done) is let ideas stew and combine. But the main reason I set myself a Monday, Wednesday, Friday writing regimen was because it makes it so much easier to stand my ground when I tell people “if you want me to do something, it has to be on a day that starts with ‘T!'”

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