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Illustrators (Old 2)

…Curran-Bauer Represented by Natascha Morris Russell Del Socorro Represented by Natascha Morris Sally Deng Represented by Tracy Marchini Raissa Figueroa Represented by Natascha Morris David Hohn Represented by Natascha Morris…


Tracy Marchini’s #MSWL Madness

…my taste in illustration, I’m including an image from each of my illustrators below (from left: Kristina Jones, Angela Traunig, Yvonne Ivinson, Charlene Chua, Valentina Mendicino and Sally Deng)! Some things I’m not…

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This Month From BookEnds Jr. … October 2018

…BookEnds for the author, and by Alex Gehringer at The Bright Agency for the illustrator.   #BookEndsGrows: Welcome to the BookEnds Jr Ranks, Sally Deng, Danna Smith and Debbie Zapata!…

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BookEnds Jr.

…Nadler Mahtab Narsimhan Kristine Rudolph Kate Simpson Ginny Wiehardt   Picture Books Hallee Adelman Becky Cattie Kim Chaffee Charlene Chua Phaea Crede Tat Cuncu Michelle Cusolito Sam Donovan Sally Deng


Illustrators (old)

Shafer Brown Charlene Chua Christee Curran-Bauer Sally Deng Raissa Figueroa David Hohn Yvonne Ivinson Kristina Jones Valentina Mendicino Daniel Tarrant Bobby Timony Angela Traunig Anthony Wheeler…