What Does List Size Say About an Agent?

  • By: BookEnds | Date: Sep 09 2020

A question literary agents usually get is: how many clients do you have? Jessica and James delve deep into this question and answer why or why not this is important.

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4 responses to “What Does List Size Say About an Agent?”

  1. Avatar Kyle Jacobs says:

    Great info! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Avatar AJ Blythe says:

    Oooh, this is a great question to respond to. I look forward to watching this one tonight. As always, thank you!

  3. Avatar Ron Soule says:

    Thanks for your videos. They provide valuable insight into writing, literary agencies, and publishing.

  4. Interesting conversation. I guess I never really thought about this. I’m looking for the right connection. I seek a business partner. I’m depending upon the agent knowing what he or she can handle. Thanks for sharing your insights.

    I enjoy these videos, but they are on the long side. For me, five minutes or less works. Then I can easily fit them in.