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BookEnds Literary Agency opened its doors in 1999 and, with the addition of BookEnds Jr. in 2017, touts a robust client list of over 300 authors and illustrators. Specializing in representing fiction and non-fiction for all ages, we can proudly call a number of award-winning, New York Times, and USA Today bestselling creators.

At BookEnds, we believe strongly in making publishing more inclusive through the titles, authors, and illustrators we represent. All agents are actively seeking books written by diverse voices, across all genres. We strive to be a safe space for LGBTQ, BIPOC, and all marginalized creators, working to lift their voices in publishing. Our agents work closely with their authors to bring the books we have fallen in love with to the rest of the reading public. Our goal is to be the agency that makes authors’ dreams come true.

We’re currently open to submissions, and you can find what genre each agent represents here.

Jessica Faust

President & Literary Agent

As owner and President at BookEnds, Jessica Faust is honored to spend every day with some of the most talented authors and agents in the business. From its inception in 1999, Jessica has always believed that her number one job is to be an author advocate. As BookEnds has grown, she now adds agent advocate to that responsibility.

In addition to constantly growing BookEnds in new and innovative directions, Jessica represents many bestselling and award-winning authors. Her focus is on bringing more under-represented and marginalized voices into publishing and her areas of expertise include mystery, suspense, upmarket, literary, and women's fiction. In nonfiction, she’s seeking books and authors in business, leadership, personal growth, and self-help.

Jessica began her career as an acquisitions editor at Berkley Publishing, Macmillan, and Wiley. In addition to nearly 15 years of blogging, Jessica has a regular role on the BookEnds YouTube channel, has taught at New York University's Continuing Education Program, been a publishing columnist, and has been honored by a number of different publishing organizations. In addition to speaking engagements throughout the world, Jessica hosts regular workshops on Speakeasy and is a member of AALA.

While her heart will always be in Minnesota, Jessica now lives in New Jersey with her family. Outside of BookEnds, Jessica’s passions include kettlebell lifting, walking with Olive, cooking, laughing with friends, and reading other people’s books.

Specifics on what she's looking to add to her list and more information on querying Jessica can be found on our submissions page.

You can learn more about Jessica by following her on Twitter, Instagram, or email her directly. You can also find information about new deals and clients on Publishers Marketplace.

Watch our interview with Jessica on YouTube!

Kim Lionetti

Senior Literary Agent

As the first literary agent to charm BookEnds into hiring her, Kim has been an integral part of growing the agency, along with her clients' careers.  Using the editorial skills learned during her first eight years in the industry at Berkley Publishing, Kim helps authors shape their works into books their readers will love. With over twenty-five years of publishing experience, she's worked with award winners and bestsellers in a variety of genres.

Kim's journey into publishing began in middle school when she raided her grandmother's collection of Phyllis Whitney books and transformed into an incurable bibliophile. Since then, she's surrounded herself with books in virtually every job she's held (with the exception of her awkward pleated khaki phase at Blockbuster.) She volunteered at her school library, worked as a customer service rep at two different bookstores and was an editorial intern before graduating college.

Now, with a client list including women's fiction, mystery, young adult and romance, Kim enjoys working on a wide range of books. She gravitates toward commercial, unputdownable reads with characters she can get wrapped up in. Currently, she's especially eager to find genre-bending stories that blur the lines between book club fiction and romance/suspense/magical realism/horror. She loves both historical and contemporary romance and is always in the mood for a good rom com, as long as it brings something fresh and unique to the market.

Originally from Pennsylvania, Kim currently resides in New Jersey with her son (knock-knock jokester extraordinaire), daughter (resident drama queen), husband (80s aficionado and sports trivia master), Winston (the affection-starved senior feline), and Millie (Winston's younger, feistier nemesis).

You can follow Kim on Twitter and Instagram. Queries should be sent via Query Manager.

Below are just a few of the books written by her talented clients.

Watch our interview with Kim on YouTube!

Jessica Alvarez

Senior Literary Agent & Foreign Rights Director

After ten years as an editor, Jessica Alvarez joined BookEnds in April 2011. She began her publishing career in 2001 as an editorial assistant at Harlequin Books. There, she had the opportunity to acquire and edit a wide array of fiction, specializing in historical romance, romantic suspense, and inspirational romance. Jessica left Harlequin in 2008 to pursue a freelance editing career, and completed projects for Harlequin, Scholastic Books, Thomas Nelson, and independent writers. She is a member of AALA and uses her editorial background to help writers hone their skills and develop strong, marketable books.

Jessica read her first romance at the age of nine when she pilfered from a friend's mother's Harlequin Presents collection and was instantly hooked. Though her pilfering has passed, her weakness for alpha heroes and exotic settings remains.

A New Jersey native, Jessica still resides in the Garden State. She is perpetually over-caffeinated in an attempt to keep up with her son and three energetic dogs. In her spare time, she enjoys cooking, swimming, watching bad (but oh so good!) television, and volunteering with Rescue Dogs Rock NYC.

You can follow Jessica on Twitter. Queries should be submitted here.

Jessica is actively building her client list. Her areas of interest include most areas of romance, romantic comedies, upmarket fiction, women's fiction, and cozy mysteries. She's particularly eager to grow her nonfiction list. You can find more specifics about what she's looking for on our Submissions page.

See below for some of the titles available from Jessica's talented team of writers. You can also look at Publishers Marketplace for more information on recent deals.

Watch our interview with Jessica on YouTube!

Moe Ferrara

Literary Agent

Moe's 2020 headshotBecoming a literary agent was fitting for the girl who, as a small child, begged her dad to buy her a book simply because "it has a hard cover." Growing up, she had a hard time finding YA books outside of Christopher Pike and R. L. Stine, and instead tackled Tom Clancy or her mom's romance novels. Though her career path zigzagged a bit—she attended college as a violin performance and music history double major, earned a JD from Pace Law School, then worked various jobs throughout the publishing industry—Moe was thrilled to join the BookEnds team in May of 2015 as a literary agent.

A Pennsylvania native, she is mum of a rambunctious corgi who is a master at stealing treats and running agility courses. When not reading, Moe can most often be found in a pit orchestra, playing violin for her favorite musicals (careful, don't ask her to pick her favorite show or you'll get a 90 minute dissertation on Stephen Sondheim and/or general Broadway trivia). She is also an avid gamer and always awaiting the next Assassin's Creed or Destiny release.

You can follow Moe on Twitter at @inthesestones. (and if you want cute pictures of corgis, follow her on Instagram at @inthesestones.) Queries should be submitted here*she is currently closed to queries*

Moe is primarily interested in children's literature (PB, MG, and YA + graphic novels in those ages) though the right adult work will catch her attention. She loves most genres but her heart leans toward contemporary, fantasy, magical realism, horror, and romance. She's proud to represent numerous LGBTQ+ authors, and always looking to add more BIPOC, LGBTQ+, neurodivergent, and disabled voices to her list. At this time she's not looking women's fiction or cozy mysteries.

For Moe's most up-to-date wishlist feel free to check out her #MSWL on Twitter or our Submissions page. You can also look at Publishers Marketplace for a listing of her recent deals.

Watch our interview with Moe on YouTube!

Tracy Marchini

Senior Literary Agent, BookEnds Jr.

Tracy Marchini joined BookEnds in June 2016 as the first picture book and illustration agent. Prior to building a list at BookEnds, she had over ten years of experience in children's literature, either at an agency or as a freelance editor and children's book reviewer. She is thrilled to represent a list of debut and award-winning creators of fiction, non-fiction, and illustration for children and teens.

Growing up, Tracy made it a personal goal to read every Nancy Drew Case Files in her school’s library and still has a soft spot for a good girl detective story. As an adult, she loves the sense of possibility in children’s and young adult literature – and can still empathize with the soul-crushing feeling that is mandatory gym class.

As a children's author, her picture book debut Chicken Wants A Nap (Creative Editions) was called "A surprising gem" in a starred Kirkus review and was nominated for the 2019 Bridge to Reading Picture Book Awards. Her sophomore picture book, Princesses Can Fix It! is forthcoming (Page Street Kids, May 2021). She holds an MFA in Writing for Children from Simmons College and a BA in English, with a concentration in Rhetoric from Binghamton University.

Tracy is looking for picture books, chapter books, middle grade, and young adult manuscripts across most genres, including contemporary, mysteries, magical realism, historical fiction, graphic novels, and non-fiction. She is also looking for picture book illustrators and author-illustrators. She is not a good fit for YA horror, true crime, hard sci-fi, or high fantasy.

Above all, she looks to build a just and inclusive list full of the sense of possibility and wonderment of childhood and strives to uplift BIPOC, LGBTQ+, neurodivergent, and disabled voices in children's literature.

You can find out more about her list on Twitter, Instagram, Publisher's Marketplace, and at, or check out how to submit to her on our submissions page.

Watch our interview with Tracy on YouTube!

Rachel Brooks

Literary Agent

After three years as an agent at the L. Perkins Agency, Rachel Brooks moved to BookEnds Literary in June of 2017. Since joining the publishing industry, she's had the opportunity to work with many award-winning and bestselling authors, as well as wonderful debuts.

Rachel's focus is representing fiction, including women's fiction (commercial or upmarket), romance, mystery, and YA. You can find more details about what she's looking for on our Submissions page.

When not working, Rachel is likely hanging out with her husband and chatty rescue cat trying new recipes, watching K-dramas, or playing World of Warcraft. 

You can follow her on Twitter. Queries can be sent via her Query Manager form.

Below are some of the books written by her fabulous clients. Check out more of her deals at Publishers Marketplace.

Watch our interview with Rachel on YouTube!

Naomi Davis

Literary Agent

Authors have always been Naomi Davis's superheroes. Growing up in Minnesota, she spent her elementary years pretending she was every character in every book she read. Now a mother, gardener, and beekeeper, Naomi loves meeting readers everywhere she goes and finding out what makes them love the books that sweep them away. A life-long writer and author-fanatic, she has a mild to moderate obsession with slippers, and sings in two philharmonic choirs.

Naomi has a passion for helping authors develop stakes, voice immersion, and tension to a story's highest possible potential, and often tweets about strategies for accomplishing those goals on her Twitter @NaomisLitPix

Naomi seeks dynamic, character-driven adult and young adult titles in fantasy, sci-fi, and romance. LGBTQ+ elements and diversity in all fiction are a particular plus. Naomi is particularly passionate about finding new fantasy and sci-fi settings with unique magical structures that surprise the reader and change the rules readers associate with those worlds. Naomi is nonbinary and happy with either pronoun, she/her or they/them.

You can contact Naomi via email.

Watch our interview with Naomi on YouTube!

Amanda Jain

Literary Agent

Amanda came by her love of reading honestly, inheriting it from parents who always had books close to hand. She began her career in publishing at W. W. Norton, where she spent seven years before pursuing a masters degree in history of the decorative arts. She rejoined publishing shortly thereafter at Inklings Literary Agency, and is excited every day to encounter new writers and their stories.

Amanda currently reps adult romance, mystery, upmarket fiction, and science fiction & fantasy, with a special emphasis on historical fiction in all genres. She also represents narrative nonfiction, especially projects exploring the literary world, art history, material culture, archaeology, food history, social history, and popular science. She loves projects with a strong sense of place and those that create a completely immersive world. She is particularly interested in books that add something important to the conversation, that explore stories we haven’t yet heard, and that introduce new voices to our reading experience.

Amanda currently lives outside of Washington, DC with her husband and two kids. When she’s not reading, she likes to cook, root for the Cubs, and spend as much time outside as she can.

You can contact Amanda via email or follow her on Twitter @wensday95.

Watch our interview with Amanda on YouTube!

James McGowan

Associate Agent and Social Media Manager

James McGowan has been with BookEnds, in some capacity, since the summer of 2015. He started as an intern, and as the joke goes: they couldn't get rid of him. Now, James is an Associate Agent and the Social Media Manager for the team.

James is a Staten Island native, and holds a Master's Degree in English from the College of Staten Island. He’s been a reader since his first A Series of Unfortunate Events book, and ordered the sequels regularly through Scholastic book orders. His debut picture book, GOOD NIGHT, OPPY, launches in Fall 2021 from Boyds Mills Kane Press. When James is not reading/working/writing, he might be found watching sitcoms or Jeopardy!

To find out more about how to submit to James and what he's looking for, please visit our submissions page. You can query him on Query Manager.

If you have any inquiries regarding our social media accounts, please contact him via email. Follow him on Twitter or Instagram.

Watch our interview with James on YouTube!

Emily Forney

Literary Agent

Emily is, as she likes to say, a professional fangirl. From the early days of crafting fiction prompts on Tumblr to writing miniseries on how to write a successful fantasy battle scene, she fell in love with the minor details of storytelling. After receiving her MFA in Creative Writing, emphasizing in YA fiction, she worked for a popular fiction press as an editor until she realized she wanted to stay with her favorite authors throughout their careers. She was a publishing and editorial fellow for the LA Review of Books, where she trained with her editorial background. Becoming an agent, especially at BookEnds, was fate.

Growing up, Emily would stay awake until sunrise to finish new YA releases and is currently going through that same phenomenon with middle-grade fiction right now. She enjoys the whimsy, the complexities, and the warmth young adult and children’s books offer, and she hopes to work with authors interested in turning their speculative worlds into series. With a BA in History and certificates in Classics and Latin studies, she’s also a big fan of historical fiction and mythological works. She's also a shameless lover of CW shows and teen period pieces.

She writes about identity and youth through her experiences as a young black woman, particularly focusing on genre fiction as a means to explore tropes otherwise dominated by white voices. Emily would particularly like to read stories by, for, and about marginalized creators, and is always on the lookout for new Black authors.

You can follow Emily on Twitter @EmilyKaitlinnn. Queries should be submitted here.

Watch our interview with Emily on YouTube!

Sabrina Castillo

Rights Assistant

Queens local Sabrina Castillo is a young Dominican American who continues to see the innocence of love. With both a bachelor’s degree in English and a master’s in creative writing, how does she spend her time? Why think about love? By engrossing herself with novels and games such as Someday We Will Fly and Persona 5, Sabrina seeks out the unconventional ways in which people connect to one another and how translation transforms media. She’s usually found with her nose in a book or rubbing her eyes after playing hours upon hours of visual novels. Publishing has always given her a new love story to fawn over or obsessively write fanfiction about.

As a Columbia Publishing Course graduate, Sabrina looks forward to dipping her toes in the romance of writing and representing authors who usually don’t get a chance. Although she reads and writes romance primarily, Sabrina also enjoys YA, mystery, fantasy, manga/graphic novels, and would like to read more translated works. Her search to connect with others has led her to learn languages such as Japanese and Italian – and underscores her unwavering belief that the more people she can talk to, the better. Follow Sabrina on Twitter @KatsumiRi.

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Kasey Poserina

Contracts Coordinator

Kasey Poserina handles contracts for BookEnds. Most recently, she worked at Simon & Schuster as a Contracts Director where she handled all aspects of contract drafting and negotiation for the following imprints: Free Press, Touchstone, Howard Books, and Simon & Schuster Audio. Prior to working at Simon & Schuster, Kasey was the Associate Director of Business Affairs at a major New York literary agency, where she worked with over ten literary agents reviewing and negotiating book publishing agreements, audio publishing agreements, publishing agreements with British and foreign language publishers, first serial licenses, film agreements, and author-writer collaboration agreements. She lives in Westport, Connecticut with her husband, Ron P., and their son, Ben.

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It was Jessica Alvarez who we thank for guiding us to Olive. Earlier in the year she adopted her own Sidney from Rescue Dogs Rock and urged me to check out their rescues. The minute I saw Olive’s sweet face I just knew. She was the dog for us. Since we were looking during the 2020 pandemic, things were slow and, I’ll admit, I was panicking. Dogs were being adopted at a record rate and I feared we wouldn’t even get a chance to meet her. But we did and it was love at first sight. Olive was rescued from an abusive home in Texas and brought to New Jersey where she lived with a wonderful foster family for six months while receiving physical therapy on a pelvis and leg damaged when she was hit by a car in Texas.  She still limps slightly, but it certainly doesn’t slow her down. This boxer-mix now lives with Jessica Faust’s family and spends her days in the office lounging and napping. Olive does not read and is not open to submissions

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