Announcing BookEnds, Jr.

  • By: Jessica Faust | Date: Mar 12 2018

It has long been my dream for BookEnds to have a children’s division. While I never had the experience of working with children’s books myself, I have a great love for them and, of course, it is because of children’s books that I first fell in love with reading.

The road to BookEnds, Jr. started with young adult and has since grown to include picture books and middle grade. Now, almost all or our agents are acquiring some level of kid lit and we can proudly say we have bestselling and award-winning authors in the genre. With successes like that it only seemed natural that we give our kid lit authors and illustrators their own stage, much like our first picture book star, Kiely, has in I Am Famous

So without further ado, please explore our newest BookEnds division, BookEnds, Jr. This wonderful new website will show you all you need to know about the wonderful BookEnds kid lit authors and illustrators as well as the agents they work with.

I am thrilled and honored that all of these talented people, my team included, have chosen to make BookEnds a part of their fabulous careers.





11 responses to “Announcing BookEnds, Jr.”

  1. Avatar Peg Cochran says:


  2. I have a Judy Blume-esque manuscript I’d love to have you consider!!!!

    • Avatar James McGowan says:

      Please visit our submissions page! We’re looking forward to receiving your query.

  3. Avatar Alonna Shaw says:

    Congratulations! I belong to a children’s book editors group. I’ll be sharing this terrific news.

  4. Avatar AJ Blythe says:

    Congratulations, Jessica and the BookEnds team. Love the tweaks you’ve made to your logo (the little chick is a cutey).

  5. Avatar Cathy Shouse says:

    Love this, and how you announced Bookends Jr. to us by introducing the book “I am Famous.” Congratulations!

  6. Avatar Michele says:

    I’ve been an elementary art teacher for over 23 years. Can’t wait to query my stories and illustrations to such a wonderful agency!

  7. Avatar Luise Parsons says:

    I am seeking representation for a novel of literary fiction, set in Africa 2022. Written in the first person, the Apothecary is a 70 year old Professor of Family Medicine and Traditional Remedies, Dr Kate Bullock. Interested?

  8. Avatar Cheryl Crabb says:

    Sounds intriguing! I look forward to exploring the possibilities of this new venture.

  9. Avatar Annie Lynn says:

    The addition of music/songs for download as part of a book brings an extra media layer that compliments and elevates the story and illustrations, Can also be used in book trailer and on children’s radio. You have some awesome authors and illustrators & I can work with them and bring their/your songs to life.