BookEnds Query Policy

  • By: Jessica Faust | Date: Sep 29 2022

Querying shouldn’t be as complicated as it is, but it is. Primarily because agents are people and people all have different needs and wants and rules. BookEnds has tried to always keep our querying rules as straightforward as possible, but also as author-friendly as possible. Here is a peek at the BookEnds Query Policy. What you can expect, our rules, and when to break the rules.


Can I query multiple agents?

Yes, just not at the same time. If there are multiple agents at BookEnds who represent your genre you can definitely query them all, but just not at the same time. We don’t want to compete internally for a project. Once you receive a pass from one feel free to try another. And note, there are many clients who were first rejected by one agent at BookEnds, and went on to find the perfect home with another.


Will you respond to my query?

Our policy is that all queries receive a response. It’s one of the reasons we are on Query Manager. It makes it easy to respond. So yes, you will always receive a response on your query and submission. Note, Query Manager also allows you to track those responses to see if one was sent that maybe you missed.


How long are response times?

Our posted response times are 6-8 weeks for queries and 10-12 weeks for requested material. However, the busier we get the harder it can be to meet those times. Throw in a vacation, a holiday, or a pandemic and you can pretty much guarantee we’ll need a little grace. If you haven’t heard in those times don’t assume we’ve passed or aren’t interested. Just assume we’re busy and promise that we’re working through our stacks. Should you get tired of waiting, Query Manager makes it easy to withdraw your submission or query and try another agent at BookEnds.


Do you accept queries from authors outside of the United States?

Yes! A resounding yes. We represent authors from all around the world including India, Hong Kong, Brazil, Spain, Singapore, Botswana, the UK, Australia, the Netherlands, Canada, Portugal…and the list goes on.

I hope that helps clear up some common query questions. We look forward to hearing from you.




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