Celebrating the Wins and a Whole Lotta Books

  • By: Jessica Faust | Date: Apr 19 2022

Last year BookEnds decided to update our accounting system. It took six months before we were set up enough to even start really using it. A year later we’re still backdating contracts and past payments to make it as complete as possible. It’s been wonderful, arduous, overwhelming, and game-changing all at once. Mostly though, it’s an incredible resource for us and our clients and a wonderfully necessary change as we grow.

One of the things I’ve been experiencing throughout this process is a true celebration of our successes. It’s so easy in life to move beyond the wins to the next thing and sometimes to dwell on the losses. What I’ve been able to do while inputting all of this great information is really see in great detail how many incredible wins we (and I) have had over the years. I’ve had the chance to see books and contracts I haven’t thought about in years, to notice when our first six-figure deal happened, our first foreign deal, and our first film option.

But beyond all of the firsts, one of the things that amazes me most is the vast number of books and contracts we have done as an agency and that our clients have signed as individuals.

It’s incredible to see all of those things in one place and all of those numbers line up. It’s a reminder of how proud I should be of the work I’m doing and the successes I’m continuing to have. If you’ve never done this, as a  business owner, sit down and catalog your successes. The contracts, the sales, the numbers. Oh, the numbers! Take some time to celebrate it all because it really is amazing.