Come Get Social with BookEnds

  • By: Jessica Faust | Date: Oct 19 2016

You already know all about the BookEnds blog…where the magic happens.

And by now you should be following all of us on Twitter (check About Us for our handles).

Facebook is a given.

You shutterbugs might be following our Instagram account where you’re sure to see pictures of the food we eat, Buford and, on occasion, the books we read. #TrueConfession: it’s my favorite form of social media.

But now you can also follow us on Pinterest!!! We’ve all used Pinterest personally over the years, but have decided it’s time for BookEnds to have its own account. Truth be told, the idea came about when we decided we needed an entire page to collect the amazing recipes we cook. Okay, ahem, the amazing recipes I cook for them.

There are plenty of unique ways to keep in touch with BookEnds. We hope you enjoy these sneak peeks into our world.

3 responses to “Come Get Social with BookEnds”

  1. Avatar Bobbi Romans says:

    Awesome! When I remember what my passwords are to log on, I’ll follow on Pinterest. (Think I’m already following elsewhere)

    I keep getting asked, what advice would you give to new authors? Me-Get an agent. A good agent. Research them, follow them, learn what they like, what their dream story would be (mystery) pet peeves, etc. Make sure their clients are not only successful but are also “happy” with them.

    Them- Do you have an agent?
    Me- No
    Me- Keep seeing fun calls… SQUIRREL!
    Them- Ahhh… you’re one of those.
    Me- What was the question again?

    Happy Hump Day!

  2. Avatar Hollie says:

    Pinterest is bad. I have far to much fun and spend to much time finding so many awesome but ultimately useless things.

    But instagram we have or the doggies. Daisy_beagle_uk has followed you, they especially likes the Buford and food pictures.

  3. Avatar AJ Blythe says:

    I’m not on Facebook, but I have Twitter and Instagram covered (but now I will have to check to be sure). Will add Pinterest.

    The trouble is finding the time to ‘follow’ as in, to read/view the posts. I have enough trouble finding time to write in a day!