How I Pitched Faye Snowden’s A Killing Fire

  • By: Jessica Faust | Date: Aug 22 2019

When sending submitting a book every agent writes a pitch. This is no different from the author’s query. The truth is that agents will often use the author’s query as a guide to their own pitch. If possible, and I’ve done it, they’ll use the author’s query in its entirety.

At the request of readers, we’ll be doing a series of posts entitled How I Pitched to give you a peek not just at the agent’s pitch process, but also to use as a guide to query letters. Because pitches are nothing more than query letters.

A Look at A Killing Fire

Ever since reading Thomas Harris, and seeing SILENCE OF THE LAMBS, I’ve been obsessed with serial killers. Some of that can also be attributed to living eight blocks from Jeffrey Dahmer.

For nearly 20 years I have looked for a dark serial killer book and was absolutely thrilled when I received A Killing Fire by Faye Snowden.

To celebrate the release of this wonderful, dark and fabulous book, and at the request of readers, here is my pitch.

The Pitch Letter

Dear Editor:

I do hope we can connect on something soon and that it’s Faye Snowden’s latest book.

Like many, I have been actively looking for diverse voices, even better if they tie into my love for dark suspense. It’s no surprise I was thrilled to discover A Killing Fire by Faye Snowden. In the vein of Chelsea Cain, Faye delivered exactly what I was looking for and more. The story of an African-American homicide detective hooked me from page one and kept me reading as she fought the past that was threatening to destroy her.

Raven Burns spent a lifetime running from the sins of her father, notorious serial killer Floyd “Fire” Burns. Now a Louisiana homicide detective, Raven is still running, because Floyd’s voice is always in her head, shadowing her steps, reminding her of who she is and where she came from.

Not that anyone would ever let her forget. Distrust of Raven’s background runs deep and the ritualistic murder of a local socialite fuels the fire, giving many the ammunition they need to see her gone, including those in her own department. With her badge on the line, Raven hunts for the killer, finding clues that make her question if this is more closely tied to Floyd Burns than even she’s willing to admit.

Long ago, Faye published with Kensington. Her short stories and poems have also been published in various literary journals including The African American ReviewCalliope, and Occam’s Razor, and has been awarded writing fellowships at Djerassi and the Virginia Center for the Creative Arts. She took a break from writing after Fatal Justice to pursue a master’s degree in English, but is back to writing. 

I could not be more excited about Faye and A Killing Fire. This is a book (and series) readers have been clamoring for.

I look forward to sending you the manuscript.

Thank you in advance.


3 responses to “How I Pitched Faye Snowden’s A Killing Fire”

  1. Avatar Stephanie Clayton says:

    Wow! Thanks for posting this, Ms. Faust. Great advice for querying, and now, I can’t wait to read this book!

  2. Avatar Betsy says:

    I also grew up near Jeffrey Dahmer’s house. Went to the same high school. Did you also?

  3. Avatar AJ Blythe says:

    Eight blocks from Jeffrey Dahmer…wow. I wonder if you ever crossed paths?