How Long Will It Take for an Offer of Representation?

  • By: admin | Date: Jul 13 2018

Here’s a video answering everything you want to know about nudges, wait times, and just when you might get an offer of representation.


3 responses to “How Long Will It Take for an Offer of Representation?”

  1. Avatar Krystina says:

    Thank you Jessica for giving us ‘the real deal’. A very informative video.

  2. Avatar Ellen Press says:

    Thank you for you always giving it straight. I’m one of those that are afraid to send the “Checking-in” email. I’ve only done this a couple of times. I currently have six queries out there, two of which are full ms requests. All this is from beginning of May and June. So I’m not sure if I should just sit back and wait longer because its summer? Can you answer whether those of us on the other side should expect things to take longer during the summer?