How To Know Your Book is Done

  • By: BookEnds | Date: Jul 27 2022

Literary agents Jessica Faust and James McGowan offer tips on how to finally put your novel to rest.



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2 responses to “How To Know Your Book is Done”

  1. Avatar David Liss says:

    This was a helpful and realistic (and polished!) piece on judging if a manuscript is ready for querying. Thank you. Can you add some thoughts on working with professional editors?

  2. Avatar Susan Marki says:

    I’ve really appreciate your videos. At a seminar a famous children’s author shared with us how she got a rejection letter on mother’s day and it made her cry. She is a household name and yet she had a book rejected. I’ve been sitting on 4 completed novels and am sure that your advice has given me the courage to query and submit. But is it ever done. We as creators want to put the chisel to the marble just one more time. (More like the 20th). It’s a common trait I hear. Do we rewrite after the agent accepts the piece? Thank you again. You help me see you agents are peers and not to be feared.