Marketing Advice from an 11-Year-Old

  • By: Jessica Faust | Date: Dec 01 2016

Once you become a published author you will be asked, and sometimes required, to participate in social media and other marketing events. As you’ve probably read here and on other blogs and websites, getting involved in social media is a terrific way to sell yourself and your books, but to be truly successful you can’t spend all of your time selling yourself and your books.

I was reminded this the other day when I asked an 11-year-old how the author event went at his school. He raved about the experience, telling me how the author told them what it was like to be published, how he got published and stories of what life is like as a writer. The 11-year-old then said, “not like last year where all the author was trying to do was sell us her book.”

Out of the mouths of babes right?

Kids are just as savvy as adults, and a whole lot more honest. If you really want to sell a book you need to connect with your audience on a level far beyond your book. You need to share a piece of yourself too.

5 responses to “Marketing Advice from an 11-Year-Old”

  1. Avatar KC Schreiber says:

    ALL OF THIS! My, I’d like this post to go viral on Twitter.

  2. Avatar AJ Blythe says:

    That’s brilliant =)

    I’m curious, Jessica, does an agent advise on any aspects of marketing to their clients?

  3. Avatar Hollie says:

    Its one of the reasons I loved working with kids, the inate honesty, even in kids most thought ‘bad’. Many adults dont think being honest is an option if it means not being nice, my daughter is in the extream end of this group.
    But for some I think online reviews and hiding behind a monitor is giving them an ability to be honest about things they dont like. Unfortunatly human nature being what it is, this seems to have delevoped into a contest to see who can be the nastiest.