More BookEnds News and Promotions!

  • By: Jessica Faust | Date: Apr 13 2017

I promised 2017 would be an exciting year at BookEnds and I refuse to disappoint.

I am so excited to announce that Beth Campbell has been promoted to full-time Literary Agent. Beth first came to BookEnds as a summer intern and like any smart, determined, and focused future agent she stayed in touch by emailing, calling and checking in until we had no choice but to hire her. For the past five years she has been an irreplaceable member of the team. As our Literary Assistant she has managed everything from royalties, to intern hirings, day-to-day office duties and, well, me. In addition to keeping up with the work that comes along with being the assistant to a growing company, Beth has been acquiring her own list. I’m thrilled that she’s taken an active role in building our SFF and Young Adult lists, in addition to having mystery and romance authors and being the only agent to take on the coloring book market.

In addition to her role as Literary Agent, Beth will continue to act as the BookEnds Royalty Coordinator, handling and tracking all royalty statements and earnings for our clients.

Beth’s leaving means there are some big shoes to fill. Assistants are so often undervalued and I hope and pray that I don’t do that. I know there is so much more that goes on in this office than I’m aware of. Beth keeps things running smoothly so that I can do my job successfully. I appreciate that more than I probably let her know.

When the decision was made to promote Beth there was only one person to call. James McGowan first came to BookEnds as a summer intern two years ago. His positive energy and enthusiasm were infectious. It’s why I didn’t hesitate when he called again in January asking to come back for the month. Just like Beth, he was hard to get rid of and we wouldn’t have wanted to. To my great relief and joy, James has accepted a position as Literary Assistant with BookEnds. I know he’s the perfect choice to take over for Beth.

As Jessica Alvarez so perfectly put it, “I’ve personally been DYING for this to happen already.” As have we all. My heart grows along with BookEnds. I couldn’t be more blessed.

3 responses to “More BookEnds News and Promotions!”

  1. Yay! Many, many congratulations, Beth! Onward!!

  2. Avatar Kate Douglas says:

    Congratulations, Beth and James! So thrilled for both of you, and especially thrilled for BookEnds–I love seeing this agency continue to thrive and get bigger and better each year.

  3. Avatar AJ Blythe says:

    Congratulations to both Beth and James.