Happy National Boss’ Day!

  • By: BookEnds | Date: Oct 15 2021

Anyone who reads the blog or watches the Youtube channel can tell that our boss, Jessica Faust, is a fierce advocate for authors. She is equally as fierce in advocating, mentoring, uplifting, and leading the BookEnds team. Tomorrow, October 16th, is National Boss’ Day. Since that’s a Saturday, the BookEnds team has a message for Jessica Faust today…

Kim Lionetti: Jessica is driven by her determination to see other people succeed: including all of us on her staff, the BookEnds clients, aspiring authors, and other publishing professionals. She lifts us all up. And isn’t that the best quality a boss can have?

Jessica Alvarez: Happy National Boss’s Day to someone who is not only a manager, but a trusted adviser, friend, and drinking buddy!

Moe Ferrara: You know you have a great boss when she runs back from her subway station to be able to get a selfie when you actually are in the same physical location!

Tracy Marchini: Thank you, Jessica, for your entrepreneurial spirit, your drive to make BookEnds an inclusive, collaborative, welcoming space for agents and clients, your endless support and mentorship, and – when need be – your commiseration and/or metaphorical kick in the pants! I am forever grateful for the opportunity to build a children’s list here at BookEnds!

Rachel Brooks: Thank you for being the badass boss who pushes us all to be better (and can smell BS excuses from a mile away).

Amanda Jain: Every great boss is supportive and encouraging, and Jessica has that in spades. But what I value even more is her ability to cut right to the chase with a single question when I’m waffling on something. A question as simple as “is that really what you want to do?” will often make me look at a situation from a different angle and realize I’ve actually known the answer all along.

Naomi Davis: A good boss cheers you on at your highest, hauls you up at your lowest, and sees no limits to the heights you can reach. Thank you, Jessica, for encouraging us to be the best versions of ourselves and take all the risks we weren’t sure we could take. An effective, supportive boss like you is rare, and we’re better each day because of you.

James McGowan: I would not be the agent and/or person I am today without your mentorship, guidance, and motivation to be better. Plus, some real-life training on how to Adult. Thank you for everything, Jessica!

Emily Forney: I think so many of us who are lovers of storytelling and seeing art in spaces where it’s hidden really look to find ourselves in places that flourish with curiosity and humor and intentionally inspire empathy and bold gestures, and that’s what you’ve created here. I’m so grateful to be in the orbit of someone who sparks so much light and good into the world.

Sabrina Castillo: I appreciate Jessica’s willingness to talk things out, even if they’re difficult. She’s so generous with her time, and it’s what makes me think she would go to bat for any of us.

Michelle Rajan: During my very first conversation with Jessica, I was inspired by her curiosity and how she loved looking for new ideas. It was this leadership style, along with her commitment to teamwork and mentorship, that drew me to BookEnds and I’m so grateful for that.

Happy National Boss’ Day, Jessica!

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  1. What a wonderful homage, #TeamBookends! Few things in life beat working with/for people who lift you up. Happy Boss’ Day, Jessica!