New Client Alert — Gabriella Buba

  • By: Ramona Pina | Date: Jan 13 2023

Gabriella Buba


What you Write:

My current manuscript is Saints of Storm and Sorrow, an anti-colonial Filipino fantasy. I write the stories of bold, brown, bi women like me who deserve to see themselves centered in fiction.



Ramona Pina


Why BookEnds?

I appreciate all the support and resources Bookends is able to provide its agents and authors.


What genres do you write? Read?

 I write Fantasy both epic and urban, Historical and Contemporary Romance, and select non-fiction. I read all stripes of Fantasy and Romance across a range of age categories and non-fiction.


Plotter or pantster?

 I’m a reformed pantster. These days plotting is my favorite part of writing. It makes my first draft faster and cleaner to write.


Synopses, love them or hate ‘em?

 I write my synopsis before I write draft 1! I’ve discovered they’re an excellent tool for uncovering plot holes and character GMC (goal/motivation/conflict) issues before I’ve gotten myself mired in a messy first draft. It’s also SO much easier to update an existing document after I write my draft than to create one from scratch.


Do you have a writing playlist or a vision board?  If so, what’s on them?

 I have both! My writing playlist for Saints of Storm and Sorrow includes Avi Kaplan’s It Knows Me, Florence & The Machine’s Ship to Wreck, and Rogue Valley’s The Bottom of the Riverbed. My vision board for Saints is a lot of Filipino fashion, filipiniana sleeves and barong tagalog shirts, Maria Clara dresses in gossamer piña cloth, gold tambourine jewelry, Batangas swords and butterfly knives.


Drink of choice when writing? When not writing?

I drink lots of tea. I’m a writer cliché like that. I like assam black, genmaicha for green, and I make my own hibiscus, lemon, rose, mint herbal blend for when I can’t have anymore caffeine. I actually used to run a small farmers market stall selling handmade tea blends! One day I hope to design character blends for all my published books. I love a little raspberry liqueur or Amarula poured into a hot mug of tea when I’m not writing.


Twitter or Instagram? Or Facebook? Where can we find you?

 You can find me on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook @GabriellaBuba. I’m most active on Twitter and Instagram. My website is and my blog is