New Client Alert- Kat Cantrell

  • By: admin | Date: Feb 19 2020

Name: Kat Cantrell
What you Write: Sweet, Sassy Romance
Agent: Jessica Alvarez
Why BookEnds? I needed an agent who could take my career to the next level and who believes in my books. Jessica Alvarez fit the bill and then some!

Please answer as many or as few of these questions as you would like:

What genres do you write? Read?

I write contemporary romance, which is also my favorite to read. My e-reader is also full of craft and business books because I cannot get enough information about how to get good books into the hands of readers.

Plotter or pantser?

Hard-core plotter with pages and pages of notes. It’s the English major in me!

Synopses, love them or hate ‘em?

Love them. Makes writing the book so much easier if you have a road map.

Do you have a writing playlist or a vision board?  If so, what’s on them?

I do always have a Pinterest board going for my books because I’m so visual. I have to know what my people and settings look like in order to visualize the scene properly. So I look for models or movie stars that best resemble my characters, plus their houses, cars, clothes, anything that plays a role in the story.

Drink of choice when writing? When not writing?

Water. Pretty much all the time. Is that boring?

Day or Night writer?

Both. I have a day job and that means I get my words in when I can.

Twitter or Instagram? Or Facebook? Where can we find you?

Facebook. I don’t even have an Instagram account. And I know I don’t have to ask if that’s boring. 😊 

If you could meet any author, living or dead, who would you want to meet and why?

Mary Shelley. Frankenstein’s monster is such an interesting character with so many layers and the story is widely considered the first true work of science fiction. Did she craft the story at once or did it evolve? Did she have any clue the story would become so embedded in our culture? I would love to talk shop.