New Client Alert- Marisa Urgo

  • By: admin | Date: Dec 11 2020

Name: Marisa Urgo
What you Write: YA Contemporary 
Agent: Moe Ferrara 
Why BookEnds? I love how collaborative BookEnds is. Also, I love a lot of BookEnds Authors and BookEnds books!

What genres do you write? Read? 

I write young adult contemporary. I love to read it too, but I also read middle grade, adult, thrillers, and mysteries. I’m on a non-fiction kick currently.

Plotter or pantster?

A bit of both! I need to have a loose idea of where I want to go, but my characters always take twists and turns I don’t expect. 

Synopses, love them or hate ‘em?

I don’t mind them!

Do you have a writing playlist or a vision board?  If so, what’s on them?

I have to write in absolute silence! Maybe the TV on, but that’s it. No vision board yet, but I like the idea.

Drink of choice when writing? When not writing?

I do love a good lemon seltzer or tea when I write. 

Day or Night writer?

Night all the way! I prefer to write when I’m completely alone or when everyone else is in bed already. Just me and the characters.

Twitter or Instagram? Or Facebook? Where can we find you?

I’m Marisa_Urgo on twitter. 

If you could meet any author, living or dead, who would you want to meet and why?

I’d like to meet Mary Shelley. She had an interesting life, and I wonder what she would think of the modern world.