Our First Webinar! (How to Get a Literary Agent)

  • By: BookEnds | Date: Aug 05 2020

Back in June, Jessica and James hosted a live webinar where they gave advice on how to get an agent and answered the audience’s burning publishing questions.

We were so touched by the outcome and wanted to share the webinar with those who could not attend.

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11 responses to “Our First Webinar! (How to Get a Literary Agent)”

  1. I was thrilled to be a part of this exciting and fun webinar with Jessica and James. My burning questions had to do with comp titles, and they answered them all. The knowledge and incites shared will definitely help me in me as I move forward into querying. WATCH this video; it’s amazing! Thanks again, BookEnds.

  2. Avatar Karen Shaw says:

    Thanks muchly!!! Looking forward to watching it.

  3. Bravo, Jessica and James.
    Charles Simmons, “Appointment With The Universe”

  4. Avatar Patricia Young says:

    Okay, this is the truth. I fell in love with James when he said to go get a snack. (Giggle)

  5. Avatar AJ Blythe says:

    Thank you so much for sharing! Thanks to time zones I always miss your live events.

  6. Avatar Kerryn says:

    This was fantastic. Thanks for keeping it on your website!

  7. Avatar Kristen Marcil says:

    This was great! Thanks for all the useful advise, especially in defining terms that new authors may still be learning and querying etiquette. It was fun to listen to and oh so good to be reminded that the agents behind the scary query manager are people (and book lovers!) too. 🙂

  8. Avatar Charles Jones says:

    Jessica and James – thank you for the informative session on How to get a Literary Agent. It fit exactly into what I’m working on right now. Don’t be surprised if one of you doesn’t get a query from me in the near future.

    Charlie Jones

  9. This was wonderful. Thank you for taking the time, Jessica & James!

  10. Avatar Paddy Raghunathan says:

    James & Jessica,

    Your webinars are both fun and instructive for first time authors. It’s super nice of you both for finding the time to record these wonderful webinars.

    However, your webinar doesn’t cover some scenarios a first time author may experience, and I hope it’s ok to bring them to your attention here.

    By and large, the consensus from various literary agents is to query widely, which sometimes results in an author submitting his / her complete manuscript simultaneously.

    Scenario 1: One of the literary agents gets back to the author on the complete manuscript with a “Revise and Resend” feedback, while other agents are still reviewing it. If the author now sends in a revised manuscript, should he / she notify the other literary agents as well? What is the appropriate literary etiquette?

    Scenario 2: One of the literary agents declines to represent, but offers very constructive feedback, which in turn causes the author to revise the manuscript. Further, if the literary agent is open to being queried again, is it alright to submit a query, even as other agents are still reviewing the original manuscript? Again, what is the appropriate literary etiquette?

    Can one of you please find the time to answer the above? Or, alternatively, do a follow up webinar answering the above and other similar tricky situations a first time author may be experiencing?

    Thank you,