Pour Yourself Some Wine and Get the Work Done

  • By: Jessica Faust | Date: Oct 14 2016

Like many of you I spend most of the day at my desk. Unless I’m scheduled for a midday editor lunch/meeting, I’m usually chained to my computer–writing blog posts, editing manuscripts, answering emails, brainstorming titles or just catching up on publishing news. I have to admit though, historically some of my best work has not been done at my desk. Some of my best work happens when I take it away from the office.

Sure we talk about going to libraries and coffee shops, because those sound like acceptable places to go, but what about taking yourself out to lunch with a notebook and a glass of wine at your side. To let the creative juices flow from another angle. To relax without the distractions of everything else. In all honesty, for me, this is when a lot of the real work gets done. When I’m away from the distractions of the office and able to enjoy. When I can watch those around me and just enjoy the work I’m doing.

It sounds luxurious, but you should try it. One day each month, clear your calendar and head out to a quiet restaurant, or one bustling with people. Bring your notebook and sit down to relax. Write that article that’s been stumping you or that scene that needs more energy. Sometimes the times when you feel like you least deserve something like this, is actually when you need it the most.

8 responses to “Pour Yourself Some Wine and Get the Work Done”

  1. Avatar Hollie says:

    That sounds like a really good idea, I’m not really a wine person more a hot chocolate with all the trimmings.
    But I just got a new ipad mini so it’s easy to drop in my bag and take with me.
    I’ll have a think about this one.

  2. Avatar Kate Douglas says:

    I’ve never been able to write with the distractions of people around me because I’m a serious people watcher, and yes, a lot of those people I watch–or at least bits and pieces of them–do end up in my stories. And for that reason alone, for me, at least, I agree with you on the time away from the home office.

    In my case, because so many of my stories take place in the outdoors, it’s going to those places that mimic the settings for my shapeshifter stories that are wild and beautiful where I can indulge in the scents, sounds, and “feel” of the high mountains. That’s where the ideas flow freely and I can put myself into the stories which makes it easier to write from my characters’ point of view.

    Of course, that series I wrote set in wine country required more than a bit of wine tasting and wandering through the vineyards where the phrase, “it’s a tough job, but somebody’s got to do it” never quite left me…

  3. Avatar Ana Calin says:

    To be honest some of my best work has been done at my desk 🙂 Coffe shops or even evenings at home just won’t work, simply because I’m too beat after a whole day “jobbing” and doing activities with the kid. My best writing time is in the morning, It’s fantastic when I can use 9-13 only to write, with no distractions, I’m happiest. Luckily those days do happen thanks to some extra help 🙂

  4. Avatar Amanda Uhl says:

    I can totally relate to this post. I love getting away to write. I find the change of scenery really gets the creative juices flowing. A chai tea helps, too!

  5. I can’t <3 this blog post enough… cheers!

  6. Avatar Midnight_Writer says:

    Great ideas!

    I was surprised to find success in writing during my kids’ activities, like ballet or swimming where there wasn’t any way I could watch them. I never knew I could write in a 30 minute block of time until I tried. I found it took the stress off of me when I wasn’t forced to sit down and “WRITE” for a huge block of time.

    Anyone out there found success writing this way, too? 🙂

  7. Avatar AJ Blythe says:

    I have a favourite place to go: The National Arboretum cafe. I will grab a chai latte, people watch a little and write. To get away from the house and all it’s distractions (I work from home so there are many) helps me focus on my writing. I think it’s become my ‘happy place’ because of this association with writing. I walk inside and it calms me =)

  8. Avatar Racherin says:

    Midnight_Writer –
    I found that, too. I drafted most of my book on the bus in 20 minute chunks, or waiting for kids in classes. Editing is harder for me.

    As we speak, I’m visiting my family, and just asked for 30 minutes before the rest of the guests arrive to do some writing. I’m staring at some beautiful foliage, the baby is napping, and there is nothing I NEED to do.

    Except edit my middle, of course.