Query Status

  • By: Jessica Faust | Date: Nov 19 2010

It’s only 9am and already the morning is getting away from me.

A quick update on where I am with submissions.
All queries have been answered up through November 2. Which I’m actually thrilled about. I feel very on top of things.
All requested material has been answered through the month of August. I currently have about about 50 proposals/full manuscripts I still need to read. I’ve been getting some fabulous queries lately and seem to be requesting more then usual. Let’s hope there are a few winners in there.
And lastly, as of November 25 both Kim and I will be closing to queries for the rest of the year. November 24 will be our last day (for queries). We will both reopen on January 5.
My suggestion, if you don’t have your query perfected, just hold on to it until January. If you happen to receive an offer of representation or and offer from a publisher during that time and you were really hoping to query me, send an email letting me know. That will really be the only exception to the “closed to queries” situation.
Have a great weekend!

3 responses to “Query Status”

  1. Avatar Kalinda C. Schreiber says:

    Hmmm…so if I sent a query to Kim on Sept 28th and didn't hear anything, and I sent a status check on November 2nd, and I still haven't heard back, my query and emails got very lost 🙁

    So sad now.

  2. I'm piggybacking on Kalinda's question. What if we've already queried you or Kim and haven't heard back yet (date a little behind November 2nd)…do we follow up even though the follow-up date would be AFTER November 25th? Or do we wait until January? My query has the word SEX in the title, and that might muck with some spam filters (hoping that isn't the case with BookEnds).

  3. Avatar Kalinda C. Schreiber says:

    I have to put it out there that as soon as I saw this blog post and felt the gnawing that my query has been lost in cyber-space, I sent the hard copy out that is suggested on the submissions site (along with a note, in case there is any possibility of redundancy)…First class at 3-5 days would put me in on the 24th if it takes the 5 days. Had to give it the proverbial college try (again)!