The Manager’s Phrase Book by Patrick Alain

  • By: Jessica Faust | Date: Jan 11 2013

“As a manager, this book lets me do more, faster, and that’s all I ever need.”
–Armand Pinarbasi, Honorary Consul of the Kingdom of Denmark

“The Manager’s Phrase Book is a must read for anyone who needs to improve their mastery of management communications.”
–Thérèse Jamaa-Froger, business development director, Qualcomm

“This book is pure gold for any type of manager.”
–George T. Ayoub, CEO, Machine Vision Products

“As a manager, you’ll never feel anything less than fully confident if you’ve used this book.”
–Carlos Echaves, founder and CEO, RetroActiv Games

“The major portion of management is communication. This eminently practical book will make you a more confident speaker.”
–Sam Abi-Samra, vice-president, HDR Inc.

The Manager’s Phrase Book is a collection of thousands of ready-to-use phrases that will enable you to move into the ranks of today’s most competent managers. You will have control of any situation at a moment’s notice, regardless of your position in the corporate world. You will have all the weapons you need to succeed where vibrant, meaningful, appropriate, and, perhaps above all, precise language is required.

With this passport to success, you will begin a new game in which you are among the charismatic, the untouchable–the elite. The Manager’s Phrase Book is an amazingly fast paced, easy-to-use reference book that will help you to:
Use the correct words at all times
Conquer conflict
Take on challenges and challengers
Build bridges between people
Address sticky situations
Further your own career
And so much more

The Manager’s Phrase Book makes it easy for you to break out of the mundane world of management and to take on all comers. It is the latest compilation of Patrick Alain’s research on how managers really communicate in today’s world.