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  • By: BookEnds | Date: Apr 08 2019

April is a big month at BookEnds, and we’re combining BookEnds & BookEnds Jr this month for one big giant super post. With that, we’re so excited to announce all the new books being published this month from BookEnds authors, as well as some fantastic books to look forward to, and some great new clients!

Monthly Spotlight

The Artful Match by Jennifer Delamere (4/2) | Barnes & Noble

Cara Bernay has never fit in. At loose ends in 1881 London after a near tragedy costs her a job, she befriends a rising young artist. With his help, she begins planning a new life and developing her own artistic talent. But soon Cara finds herself at odds with the artist’s brother–a handsome but serious-minded earl who wants to force his brother back to a “respectable” life.
Henry Burke, the Earl of Morestowe, feels the weight of growing financial burdens. His profligate and emotionally unstable brother is making matters worse, and Henry needs him back home. Despite misgivings about Cara’s mysterious background, Henry sees she’s a positive influence on his brother and on Henry’s unruly young ward, and he strikes a deal with her to return with them to their estate.
But the family has their own secrets, and when Cara, drawn ever closer to Henry, stumbles onto the truth, she must choose between following her heart and pursuing a bold plan that could bring disaster.


Murder in the Reading Room by Ellery Adams (4/30) | Barnes & Noble

Storyton Hall, Virginia, is a paradise for book lovers who come from all over for literary getaways. But manager Jane Steward is temporarily leaving for another renowned resort—in hopes of solving a twist-filled mystery.
Jane’s boyfriend is missing, and she thinks she may find him at North Carolina’s historic Biltmore Estate. Officially, she’s there to learn about luxury hotel management, but she’s also prowling around the breathtaking buildings and grounds looking for secret passageways and clues. One of the staff gardeners promises to be helpful…that is, until his body turns up in the reading room of his cottage, a book on his lap.
When she finally locates the kidnapped Edwin, his captor insists that she lead him back to Storyton Hall, convinced that it houses Ernest Hemingway’s lost suitcase, stolen from a Paris train station in 1922. But before they can turn up the treasure, the bell may toll for another victim…

The Loch Ness Papers by Paige Shelton (4/2) | Barnes & Noble

Bookseller Delaney Nichols befriends a Loch Ness monster enthusiast; when he stands accused of murder, she’ll do whatever it takes to learn who the killer is―and whether Nessie herself is really lurking in the Scottish waters.
Delaney Nichols is delighted with her life in Edinburgh, working at The Cracked Spine―a shop that specializes in hard-to-find books and artifacts. With a job she loves, and her fast approaching marriage to devastatingly handsome Scottish pub-owner Tom Shannon, Delaney’s life could be straight out of a fairy tale―at least it would be, if the pastor meant to perform the wedding ceremony hadn’t recently passed away. Outside the church where Delaney is searching for another reverend, she stumbles across Norval Fraser: an elderly man obsessed with the Loch Ness monster. Always attracted to the interesting and unusual, Delaney befriends Norval. But when his nephew is found dead, the police decide Norval’s obsession has moved from monsters to murder.
With a wedding to plan, her family arriving soon from Kansas, and the arrival of an over-the-top Texan with a wildly valuable book, Delaney’s plate is full to bursting, but she can’t abandon her new friend. Determined to help Norval, she sets out to learn the truth. The Loch Ness buries its secrets deeply, but Delaney is determined to dig them up―whether Nessie likes it or not.

Death Waits in the Dark by Julia Buckley (4/2) | Barnes & Noble

Writer’s apprentice Lena London is back and better than ever when her friend bestselling suspense novelist Camilla Graham needs help solving a town murder that hits a little too close to home.
It’s summertime, and Lena and Camilla are busy working away while a town vandal runs amok. Things get even more complicated when Jane Wyland pays Camilla a not-so-friendly visit and gives her an ultimatum: reveal Camilla’s husband James’s family secret, or she will. Lena assures Camilla that nothing will come of the woman’s threats, since the family has no secrets to hide.
When Jane Wyland is later found dead, they’re convinced that whatever secret she was planning to expose led to her death. With Lena’s assistance, Camilla is determined to solve the case before the finger points at her…

A Witch to Remember by Heather Blake (4/9) | Barnes & Noble

Not even a witch can keep her secrets safe in the sizzling ninth installment of national bestselling author Heather Blake’s Wishcraft series.
Wishcrafter Darcy Merriweather’s enchanted wedding plans are put to the test when murder invites itself to her bridal luncheon…
The Enchanted Village always has a touch of magic about it, but the buzz of excitement over the wedding between wish-granting witch Darcy and Police Chief Nick Sawyer is positively electric. With every spellbinding detail planned to perfection all that’s left is to sit back and let wishes come true. But Darcy’s dream wedding is threatened when the Divinitea Cottage, the tea room hosting her bridal luncheon, goes up in flames, revealing the strangled body of the owner, Leyna Noble.
Making vows to solve the crime without delaying the nuptials, Darcy focuses on her prime suspect, and number one nemesis, wicked witch Dorothy Hansel Dewitt, a notorious firebug. But when a psychic vanishes without a trace, Darcy’s investigation shifts to Leyna’s mysteriously bewitching past. Darcy must sort through mystical claims and old, vengeful grudges to find a killer before she is forced to forever hold her peace.

The Diva Sweetens the Pie by Krista Davis (4/30) | Barnes & Noble

In New York Times bestselling author Krista Davis’s new Domestic Diva mystery, Old Town’s annual Pie Festival crumbles into chaos after a celebrity judge is murdered, leaving it up to entertaining maven and sometime-sleuth Sophie Winston to dole out justice…
Nothing heats up Old Town quite like the annual Pie Festival, and this year is no exception, especially since Sophie’s professional rival, Natasha Smith, is barred from participating. Sophie, meanwhile, has been asked to oversee the pie eating contest. But the drama really rolls out when celebrity judge, Patsy Lee Presley, host of television’s most popular cooking show, bites the crust during the competition, and Sophie’s friends are suspected of the crime. 
As the folks of Old Town dish, the tough truth about Patsy’s meteoric rise to domestic stardom begins to leak. It turns out that Patsy’s sweet exterior hid a secret sour side, which alienated many of her closest allies, including a jilted ex-husband, a bitter ex-mentor, and a jaded ex-best friend. With the festival falling apart, and her friends in danger of being boxed up for murder, Sophie must cobble together the clues and stop a flakey fiend from serving up any more deadly desserts.
Includes delicious recipes and entertaining tips!


Reunion on the Run by Amity Steffen (4/1) | Barnes & Noble

Nobody believes she’s innocent…except her child’s secret father.
Framed for her new husband’s murder and on the run from both the killer and the police, Claire Mitchell needs help. But her ex-fiancé is the last person she expects to rescue her. Alex Vasquez just found out he’s the father of Claire’s daughter, and he knows they will have to face their rocky past… if they can survive long enough to clear her name.

Ranger’s Baby Rescue by Lara Lacombe (4/2) | Barnes & Noble

Who kidnapped Emma Foster’s baby? Find out in this Rangers of Big Bend page-turner.
When her daughter is abducted from her Texas home, Emma Foster turns to Matt Thompson to help her. Matt and Emma work together to retrieve little Christina from the clutches of traffickers. But it will be a race against the clock for the ranger and the nurse, who must risk it all to save the innocent infant.

When to Call a Cowboy by June Faver (4/30) | Barnes & Noble

Rekindling old flames can be dangerous…
Beau Garrett may look rough around the edges, but under that exterior beats a heart of gold–a heart that was broken when his high school sweetheart disappeared days before graduation. Years have passed, but Beau’s never forgotten the fiery-haired girl who left him high and dry.
Dixie Moore has her reasons for being angry with Beau. When a family emergency calls Dixie back to her hometown, she brings with her an explosive secret that could divide them for good—if the culprit behind a recent crime spree doesn’t get her first. It’s up to Beau to unmask this dangerous criminal…and keep Dixie out of the crosshairs.

Coming soon:

Vicki Delany’s TEA BY THE SEA mysteries, a new cozy series in which a young woman and her British grandmother run a tea room out of a grand Victorian home on Cape Cod, to Wendy McCurdy at Kensington, in a two-book deal, by Kim Lionetti at BookEnds.

Advertising expert and lecturer Nir Bashan’s THE CREATOR MINDSET, about how to balance the creative and analytical mind in decision-making, to Cheryl Ringer at McGraw-Hill, at auction, by Jessica Faust at BookEnds.

Relationship researchers and professors of psychology at Villanova University Dr. Erica B. Slotter and Dr. Patrick M. Markey’s NEWLY(UN)WED: A SCIENCE-BASED GUIDE TO NAVIGATING YOUR POST-DIVORCE REALITY, a guide to life after the end of a marriage, about how to navigate relationships with friends and family, date again, get naked with someone new, and find love—and how to make it last this time around, to Kim Lim at Skyhorse, in a nice deal, for publication in fall 2020, by Jessica Alvarez at BookEnds (world).

Donna Lea Simpson’s A GENTLEWOMAN’S GUIDE TO MURDER, a historical mystery about a spinster’s secret life as a gossip columnist and the twisted web of murder she gets caught in, to Ron Formica at Tantor Media, at auction, by Jessica Faust at BookEnds Literary Agency (audio).

Tina Radcliffe’s untitled inspirational contemporary romance miniseries, in which four siblings who inherit their grandfather’s ranch work to overcome the tragedy of their past and, in the process, find the forever healing power of love, to Dina Davis at Love Inspired, in a nice deal, in a four-book deal, by Jessica Alvarez at BookEnds.

Abby Vandiver writing as Abby Collette’s A DEADLY INSIDE SCOOP, the first book in an #OwnVoices cozy mystery series in which a young black woman takes over her family’s beloved ice cream shop, but when a local man is killed and her father falls under suspicion, she must get involved in solving the murder, to Jessica Wade at Berkley, in a pre-empt, in a three-book deal, for publication in spring 2020, by Rachel Brooks at BookEnds (world).

Christi Barth’s THE PRINCESS PROBLEM, the first in a royalty-inspired contemporary romance series in which an American woman falls for her new bodyguard after discovering she’s really a princess who has been missing since birth, to Alethea Spiridon at Entangled Amara, in a three-book deal, for publication in fall 2019, by Jessica Alvarez at BookEnds (world).

LA Times reporter James Queally’s LINE OF SIGHT, in which a former crime reporter is given a video showcasing a troubling act of police brutality, putting him at odds with law enforcement and forcing him to align with street activists and gang members alike as he races to put together the biggest story of his life before the city burns down around him, to Ron Formica at Tantor Media, by James McGowan at BookEnds Literary Agency (audio).

Sherri Shackelford’s KILLER AMNESIA and SHADOW OF DOUBT, in which, with the help of a Texas deputy, an investigative journalist with amnesia must uncover the truth of her past before a killer hunts her down, to Tina James at Love Inspired Suspense, in a nice deal, in a two-book deal, for publication in October 2019, by Jessica Alvarez at BookEnds (world).

Coming Soon from BookEnds Jr:

Author/illustrator Matthew Dow Smith’s THE OCTOBER GIRL, in which an 18-year-old’s imaginary friend from childhood walks into her coffee shop as a living, breathing thing, and she is drawn into the world of the night folk—but not everyone welcomes her with open arms; as she learns that everyone seems to know more about her connection to this strange world than she does, a mysterious figure is hell-bent on destroying her, to Mark Irwin at Insight Comics, at auction, in a three-book deal, for publication in spring 2020, by Moe Ferrara at BookEnds (world excl. Brazil, Germany, France, Italy, and Israel).

Welcome to BookEnds!

We’re so thrilled to welcome five talented new clients to BookEnds!
Welcome Dana Mentink to the adult side of BookEnds, as well as four new YA writers to BookEnds Jr. So happy to be working with you, Michelle Hulse, Katie Kingman, Xiran Zhao and Lisa Cifuentes!