Thought for the Day

  • By: Jessica Faust | Date: Nov 11 2011

Just because your agent tells you, realistically, that your expectations from your publisher might be more than they’re willing to pay or give up on doesn’t mean she can’t negotiate fairly for you. Part of having an agent is having someone who can tell you, from experience, what you might expect from a publisher. Sometimes that means revealing the hard truths whether you want to hear them or not.


5 responses to “Thought for the Day”

  1. Avatar Kate Douglas says:

    FWIW, I think an agent is needed more than ever in the ever-changing world of publishing. So many authors are taking back rights on older titles so they can self-publish, that terms protecting those ebook rights for the publishers seem to be showing up in more "creative" ways than ever before.

    I like having someone who knows what details to look for on my side doing just that: Looking, and understanding exactly what they see.

  2. I think more aspiring writers should hear this. A lot treat their novels like children, and when they receive criticism, it's like someone is telling them their child is ugly. Objective distance from the work before submission is key.

    Writers should remember that agents have the tools to help make their story better, and constructive criticism a is necessary part of the process. More often than not, the criticism I receive about the storyline, plot or character development was something I knew needed improvement anyway.

  3. And that's why I'll seek out an agent when my novel-manuscript is cooked to my liking!

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  5. Have you ever had a writer with unrealistically pessimistic expectations about what they might get from a publisher? Someone who was surprised by (or didn't want) an advance, for example?