What Happens After You Sign with an Agent

  • By: Jessica Faust | Date: Feb 13 2020

You worked exceedingly hard to get an agent and when that call comes celebrate because once the contract is signed the real work begins.

Obviously you both want the next thing to be the sale, but before that can happen there are a number of steps along the way.

I was wondering if it might be possible to hear from you and/or your authors on how  the process is from signing with BookEnds to publication? I imagine there’s suddenly a whole lot more to learn (in addition to rewrites etc) – marketing comes to mind.

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The first step is revisions. Your agent wants the book or proposal to be the best it can be and that can take some time. I’ve spent weeks and I’ve spent months on revisions, sometimes doing just one round and other times many. I’ve taken a nonfiction idea and turned it on its head and I’ve taken fiction and tweaked it just slightly.

There’s no rule to how long revisions will take or how much is required. This is determined by you and your agent as a team.


When revisions end is determined by both you and your agent together. Although, you’ll probably be done before your agent.

Once revisions are complete it will be time to submit. This is when, thankfully, you can finally put that book to rest and let the agent do all the hard work. You’ll just do the worrying.

Your agent will likely consult with you briefly on the submission list and, most definitely, keep you apprised of where the book is going and feedback you are receiving.

Just like with revisions, there is no rule to submissions. Selling a book can happen in a day and it can take months, sometimes more than a year.

The Next Book

While your agent works to sell, you’ll be working on the next book. The joy of having an agent during this process is you aren’t working alone. Before digging in you should have a discussion with your agent on what the next thing is. That way, as you’re writing you know you’re writing something that can go through this entire process again.

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6 responses to “What Happens After You Sign with an Agent”

  1. Avatar Kim says:

    I’d love to hear about building a platform. How does a first-time author (non-fiction) demonstrate to an agent and publisher that she has credentials and an audience when, well, she is a first-time author?

  2. Avatar AJ Blythe says:

    Thanks, Jessica. Have to laugh at this: When revisions end is determined by both you and your agent together. Although, you’ll probably be done before your agent.

  3. Avatar Martha Willey says:

    Always appreciate the insights into the writing/agenting/publishing world. Thanks.

  4. I’m really excited about submitting to your agency when my manuscript is complete. I’m enjoying your YouTube videos and I feel like my experience with an agent from your firm-should that happen– will be collaborative and fulfilling. Thank you for the info you guys put into the world.

  5. Avatar Traci VW says:

    Another helpful post. Thank you!

  6. Avatar Karen Shaw says:

    I enjoy the daily posts from BookEnds. Thanks for all the knowledge.