12 Days of Books — James McGowan

  • By: admin | Date: Nov 20 2020

If, like us, you’re shopping for books to give as gifts, we have 12 days of books that are guaranteed to complete your shopping.

We’re starting our usual holiday shopping lists early this year. Like everything else, shipping might be delayed and because we don’t want our gifts to be, we’re starting now.

For these 12 Days of Books, BookEnds’s James McGowan has book recommendations for all the AT-HOME DETECTIVES out there.

For a murderous warm-up, we’ll start off light and cozy with STILL KNIFE PAINTING by Cheryl Hollon.

For your crime solvers-in-training, Josh Funk’s THE CASE OF THE STINKY STENCH for an adorable mystery geared towards young readers. And for the YA crowd, Linsey Miller’s THE GAME delivers a high octane thriller with an alphabetical body count.

Looking for a slow burn to keep you guessing? Tana French’s THE WITCH ELM is the book for you… and one of my favorite authors!

And for your history buffs looking for a real life case to crack, Patrick Radden Keefe’s SAY NOTHING is the perfect page turner set in Ireland.

James’ go-to bookstore this year is Word Bookstores in Brooklyn & Jersey City. Please consider supporting them by purchasing a gift off your list through their site: https://www.wordbookstores.com/.