Since BookEnds was founded in 1999, our agents have been proud to consider themselves an integral part of the author's publishing team. Our goal is to work together with the author to make all of their dreams come true.

BookEnds agents are always looking for fresh new material from both published and unpublished authors. Before submitting to us, we ask that you read our submission guidelines to better ensure that the work you're sending is right for BookEnds and that what you send is as "rejection-proof" as you can make it.

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What We're Looking For:

BookEnds agents believe strongly in making publishing more inclusive through the titles, authors, and illustrators we represent. All agents are actively seeking #ownvoices and diverse books across all genres. We strive to be a safe space for LGBTQ, BIPOC, and all marginalized creators, working to lift their voices in publishing.

BookEnds represents fiction and nonfiction in all genres for both adults and children. Look for our birds to help you identify which agents might be best suited for what you write.

In adult fiction, our agents specialize in romance, mystery, suspense, thrillers, science fiction and fantasy, women’s fiction, historical fiction, literary fiction, and upmarket fiction.

We are also seeking nonfiction for adults that focus on current events and social issues as well as memoirs, history, food, business and career, parenting, pop culture, and general nonfiction.

BookEnds Jr, represents authors and illustrators in young adult, middle grade, graphic novels, and picture books. In fiction, we are looking for contemporaries, romance, science fiction and fantasy, historical fiction, graphic novels, horror, thrillers, and mystery.

In nonfiction, we are seeking narrative nonfiction and memoirs.

BookEnds does not represent short fiction, poetry, screenplays, or techno-thrillers.

Querying BookEnds

BookEnds agents ask that all submissions be made electronically through the Query Manager database where you will have the opportunity to query the agent you think would best represent your work.

Links to each agent's submissions form, as well as a brief description of each agent's most current preferences, can be found below. The submission requirements for each agent will be found on their form.

To learn a little more about our experience and background, as well as to get a feel for some of the books we each represent, check out our About Us page.


Jessica is actively seeking fresh new voices and stories in literary and upmarket fiction, women's fiction, mystery, thrillers, and suspense including, but not limited to, psychological and domestic suspense/thrillers, literary and upmarket thrillers, and mysteries. She strives to bring more diverse voices to all genres and is particularly focused on bringing more LGBTQ and BIPOC protagonists and authors to publishing.

She is also accepting submissions in select areas of nonfiction, specifically, she is looking for fresh perspectives on race and feminism. Her areas of preference include current affairs, personal development, self-help, mind, body, and spirit, and business. Her current goal is to represent more broad-based business books by women and business leaders of color.

Titles and authors who inspire her list include MY SISTER THE SERIAL KILLER, Abbi Waxman, AN AMERICAN MARRIAGE, Kristin Hannah, Kevin Kwan, and Fredrik Backman. In nonfiction, she seeks more books like those by Seth Godin, Ijeoma Oluo, Jen Sincero, Simon Sinek, and Robin D'Angelo.

Jessica often tweets her manuscript wishlist under #MSWL. You can also get a sense of the books she's reading and representing by following her on Instagram.

To submit to Jessica Faust click on her name above or this link for her Query Manager form


Kim is actively looking for romantic comedy in both adult and young adult markets. She's hungry for fun, quirky commercial women’s fiction that also packs an emotional punch. She enjoys dual timelines and/or multiple POVs when it’s done in a way that advances the plot and creates suspense. She’s hungry to find more #ownvoices in women’s fiction, romance, and young adult, and as an autism mom, is especially interested in finding more stories featuring neurodiverse characters, and those with special needs.

Some of Kim’s favorite non-BookEnds reads are Ayesha at Last, The Secret Keeper, How to Walk Away, and The Sun is also a Star. Her favorite TV shows are “Schitt's Creek”, “Poldark”, and “Handmaid's Tale”.

To submit to Kim Lionetti click on her name above or this link for her Query Manager form

Jessica is looking for a wide range of prescriptive and narrative nonfiction, but is particularly looking for unique, entertaining voices--think Mary Roach or Sarah Vowell. She’d like to see more self-help, pop science and true crime, and projects related to food, including cookbooks. She'd also like to see more projects relating to body image, women's issues, and LGBTQ+ topics. In terms of fiction, she wants romance of all heat levels (including inspirational and category romance), rom coms, upmarket fictionwomen's fiction, mysteries, thrillers, and suspense. She's open to light and funny reads, as well as darker ones. Across the board, she's looking for books that celebrate diversity in all its forms, and would love to see projects with BIPOC and LGBTQ+ characters. In no particular order, she'd especially love to see more books featuring adoption issues, the Amish, coroners and morticians, physically and emotionally tortured heroes, and women who kick ass. Please note that Jessica is not looking for paranormals, sci-fi/fantasy,  young adult or children's books at this time, and she is being extremely selective about memoir. Check out Jessica's #MSWL tweets and #MSWL posts on the BookEnds site for more specifics on what she wants to represent. To submit to Jessica, please go to the following link:

Moe is interested in fictional works for all ages, including picture books, middle-grade, young adults, and adult readers. Her favorite genres include contemporary, fantasy, historical, horror, magical realism, re-tellings, romance, science fiction and anything LGBTQIA-centric. She's particularly keen to find books with pain-in-the-ass heroines, dark and creepy settings with lyrical voices, and books with well-thought out twists and turns. SciFi should be easily accessible and horror should not make her need to keep the lights on! Send her your LGBT+ books that are about more than just a coming out story. Her list tends to skew towards children's fiction, but she is on the hunt for select authors in the above adult genres as well. Overall, though, she loves being surprised by books she never knew she wanted—so if it seems like a fit, query her!

Moe is also open to select narrative nonfiction titles dealing with LGBT+ history, theatre (including biographies or theatrical analysis such as Horowitz's Sondheim on Music), and music theory.

She is not a good fit for upmarket/literary fiction, cozy mysteries, true crime, women's fiction, high fantasy, hard sci-fi, or inspirational romances.

For the most up-to-date wants, see her #MSWL tweets, #MSWL page, and various #MSWL posts on the BookEnds site. To query Moe, please visit her QueryManager page at:

Tracy is looking for picture book, middle grade and young adult manuscripts across most genres, including contemporary, mysteries, thrillers, magical realism, historical fiction, graphic novels and non-fiction. She's also seeking picture book illustrators and author-illustrators. For picture book fiction, she’s particularly interested in manuscripts that are laugh out loud funny or deliciously dark. For middle grade and young adult, she’s interested in underdogs, strong female characters and/or unreliable narrators. She believes that it’s important for readers of all backgrounds to see themselves reflected in the media they consume, and is looking to bring that diversity to her list.

She is not a good fit for YA horror, true crime, hard sci-fi or high fantasy. At this time, she is not looking for board books, early chapter books or non-fiction for the educational market.

You can find her most up-to-date MSWL on the FAQs page of her personal website, and query her at

Rachel is selectively looking for fresh stories in women's fiction, romance, mystery and YA. She is especially looking for books that elevate marginalized voices and show love in their communities (such as #BlackGirlMagic and #BlackBoyJoy).

She tends to gravitate toward contemporary fiction more than historical, unless the story focuses on underrepresented events or perspectives in history (e.g. The Silence of Bones, The Downstairs Girl, When We Left Cuba).

Rachel is not currently seeking previously self-published works, novellas, short stories, or nonfiction. She is not the best fit for stories centered on: Greek gods/myths, bands/rock stars, outer space, paranormal activity, pandemics, sports, pet deaths, domestic abuse, and sexual assault.

Some non-client titles that inspire her list include: All Boys Aren't Blue, American Panda, Ayesha at Last, Black Enough, Hot Dog Girl, I am Not Your Perfect Mexican Daughter, Natalie Tan's Book of Luck and Fortune, and Wicked Fox.

To submit to Rachel, click on her name above or this link for her Query Manager form http://QueryMe.Online/RachelBrooks

Naomi is currently looking for dynamic, character-driven adult titles in fantasy, science fiction, and romance. In science fiction, Naomi seeks stories that let the character development take priority over tech. The surprising time/relationship structure of the short story by Ted Chiang Story of Your Life and its counterpart film Arrival are examples of stories that really catch Naomi off-guard and drag her relentlessly into the pages.

In fantasy, Naomi seeks new fantasy settings with unique magical structures that surprise the reader and change the rules readers associate with those worlds. The Tethered Mage by Melissa Caruso is a strong example exciting twists on the way magic is used and incorporated into the world using towering, global stakes. In romance, she particularly enjoys stories that embrace diversity, with confident characters and a voice that isn’t afraid to show vulnerability, like in Losing It by Cora Carmack.

She is not currently seeking urban fantasy, dystopian, or Tolkien-inspired worlds.

Naomi wants adult contemporary romance stories that show relationships from all angles in the LGBTQ+ spectrum. A particular desire would be a women's fiction or romance that shows bisexual protagonist(s) finding validity even in the face of a world that denies their sexuality.

In young adult, Naomi is always on the hunt for strong fantasy with edgy themes and exciting, realistic voices. Characters facing adversity due to disability, gender/sexuality, or race/religion are always on her wishlist. Something Naomi would really love to find are YA Contemporary stories featuring powerful female relationships... romantic OR friendship. She'd absolutely love to find an updated YA GIRL, INTERRUPTED, showing how fast-and-furious female relationships can consume a person in positive or negative ways (or both), and how girls must learn to establish and enforce boundaries in all relationships.

Trans and nonbinary characters always a plus in YA. Naomi is not seeking YA science fiction at this time.

Amanda is currently looking for adult mystery, romance, women’s fictionupmarket, and science fiction & fantasy projects, and always enjoys historical fiction in all genres. In romance, she is particularly looking for diverse historical projects that explore time periods often overlooked, such as 1930s America, or that show us well-known periods from a different viewpoint (eg South Asians in London during the Regency period). In any genre, she is most interested in those stories that transport the reader and provide a completely immersive reading experience. Some of her favorite non-BookEnds authors include Tana French, Deanna Raybourn, Hannah Kent, Fiona Davis, Alyssa Cole, and Sonali Dev.

In non-fiction, she is interested in projects that explore history, the literary world, art history, material culture, archaeology, food history, social history, and popular science. She is particularly interested in seeing projects that look at the intersection of food and race, or food and feminism, and would love to see a thoughtful exploration of food deserts in American cities.

Amanda is not currently seeking children’s books (YA and below), erotica, horror, hard sci-fi, or high fantasy.

To query Amanda, go to http://QueryMe.Online/AmandaJain.

*James is currently closed to queries*

James is primarily seeking works in the adult fiction and picture book realm. He is selectively seeking middle grade fiction and non-fiction. In all age categories, he's hoping to champion for more authors from marginalized communities.

In the adult marketJames is currently only seeking fiction. Specifically: literary and upmarket fiction, and mystery, psychological thrillers, and horror. He loves family stories, books with tangled webs of secrets that unravel until the very last page, and all things dark and creepy. He loves books with accessible voice and lyrical writing like that of Tana Franch, Celeste Ng, and Jesmyn Ward.

In middle grade, he’d love to find some laugh-out-loud contemporary stories with a layer of heart, and spooky horror novels!

James loves picture books, and they’re a large part of his list. He is actively looking for both fiction and non-fiction picture books of any style. In fiction, he is primarily drawn to humor, and loves all things funny and silly—but still have that layer of heart. For non-fiction, he is particularly interested in books about little known people and events, science, climate and environment, and other STEM-related topics. He is hoping to find more non-fiction books outside of the biography realm. He would love to find some talented author-illustrators, as well. In picture books, anything goes! If you’re unsure if you’re a fit, James would love to see your work anyway. Some of his favorite picture book creators include Jory John, Juana Martinez-Neal, Suzanne and Max Lang, and Elise Parsley, amongst others.

To submit to James, please go to the following link: http://QueryMe.Online/jmcgowan

Emily is seeking fiction for middle grade and young adult audiences that feature new and progressive takes. She does accept picture books, but is focused primarily on non-fiction and historical stories. She would like to see more fiction from BIPOC and stories that do not necessarily feature trauma at the forefront of these character’s arcs (although she is open to reading anything complex and well done). Send her the best summer lovers, middle grade fantasies, adventure stories, and fantastical worlds.

Across all age groups, Emily is especially keen on finding good genre fiction in the form of re-tellings, magical realism, high fantasy, and the supernatural (bring on your werewolves, witches, and vampires). She would also like to work with chick lit and find cozy, sweet stories. For young adult, she tends to lean more contemporary, but is optimistically open to SFF. For middle grade, she would love fantasy of all kinds, although it needs to be grounded and the world building cannot sacrifice the character development. Some of her favorite genres include speculative fiction, contemporary romances, the paranormal, spooky (not horror, please no horror), feel good camp stories, graphic novels, and fun historical fiction.

She is not a good fit for thrillers, true crime, horror, or memoir.

You can query Emily here:

Response Times

BookEnds agents do reply to all submissions and queries and hope to do so in a timely manner. Our response time goals are 6 weeks for queries and 12 weeks on requested partials and fulls. Unfortunately, there are times when circumstances mean we fall behind. Should you not receive a response on your query within 6 weeks, please know that it is acceptable to withdraw and resubmit to another agent of your choosing. Query Manager will keep you informed of the status of your work and we also try to post updates through Twitter and Facebook.

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