How To Submit Your Work

Getting Ready

Before you start your querying journey, it’s important to have all materials as rejection-proof as possible. We encourage you to visit our Education page, blog, and YouTube channel for more information on the query process and agent expectations for submission packages.

Selecting An Agent

Explore our agent pages below to learn more about what genres each agent represents, their current wishlist, as well as clients and titles. If you have an idea of who you would like to query, visit their page to determine if they are indeed the best fit. All query forms follow the format:


Once you have determined the best fit for your work, find their QueryManager form, and follow the form’s instructions to upload your query letter and other requested information. Take note of our Response Times section at the bottom of this page for further information on BookEnds’ policies and best practices for keeping an agent informed of your submission status.

What We’re Looking For:

BookEnds agents believe strongly in making publishing more inclusive through the titles, authors, and illustrators we represent. All agents are actively seeking books written by marginalized voices, across all genres. We strive to be a safe space for LGBTQ, BIPOC, and all marginalized creators, working to lift their voices in publishing.

BookEnds represents fiction and nonfiction in all genres for both adults and children. Look for our birds to help you identify which agents might be best suited for what you write.


Fiction · romance · mystery · suspense · thrillers · science fiction · horror · fantasy · women’s fiction · historical fiction · literary fiction · upmarket fiction · inspirational fiction

Nonfiction · current events · cookbooks · social issues · memoirs · history · food · business · career · parenting · pop culture · popular science · self-help · true crime · gift books · guided journals

BookEnds Jr.

Fiction · young adult · middle grade · graphic novels · picture books · board books · illustration · contemporary fiction · romance · science fiction · fantasy · historical fiction · horror · thrillers · mystery

Nonfiction · young adult · middle grade · graphic novels · picture books · board books · science · biographies · history · current events · social issues · narrative nonfiction

What’s Next

Congratulations! You’ve submitted your query, a huge next step in your publishing journey. Now the waiting game begins. If you haven’t already, be sure to clear ( from your spam so you can receive all updates, requests, and questions agents might have through QueryManager. The link you received with your submission keeps you informed of your work’s status. If you’ve not received this email within 1-2 hours, please check your spam. Should you receive an offer of representation we ask you to let us know through the link in QueryManager. We certainly don’t want to miss out on the opportunity to represent you.

Note that our policy at BookEnds is to reply to all submissions and queries. While our response goal is 6 weeks for queries, and 12 weeks on requested material, there are certainly times we’ve fallen behind. If you’ve not received a response within those timeframes, please check your QueryManager link. Should you receive a pass from one BookEnds agent, you are free to try querying another. We very much appreciate you including BookEnds in your agent search.