A Query Letter is the Essence of Your Book

  • By: Exporter | Date: Sep 07 2021

We talk so much about query letters and what they are and what they aren’t. Sometimes I think I’m repeating myself, other times I remember that the right words at the right times will connect with just the right person when they need it.

The sole purpose of the query letter is about getting to the essence of your book, to keep narrowing your description as tightly as possible to grab the reader’s attention and get them to want more.

It’s not about naming every character or each specific plot point. It’s not to tell me how your book was written or the POV it was written in. None of that will ever show up in your cover copy, it shouldn’t show up in your query.

The query letter should be about what is at the heart of your novel and what makes it exciting, different, and enticing. It’s the essence.