Celebrate Today’s Achievement. It Was Yesterday’s Goal

  • By: Jessica Faust | Date: Oct 11 2022

It’s so easy to forget the goals we once thought seemed so audacious and replace them with new and improved goals. The saddest thing about this is by doing so we keep forgetting to celebrate what we’ve accomplished and how far we come.

I’m notorious for this. I make a sale I’m so incredibly proud of and instead of opening that bottle of champagne, I immediately plan for what’s next. This isn’t fair to the author or me. I should be celebrating every single sale, every new client, and every success BookEnds has. We’ve all worked hard for this. But I don’t. Not always.

We live in a world of go, go, go. But that’s not fair, fair, fair. What’s the point of setting goals if we don’t give ourselves props when we’ve achieved them? What are we really striving for then? Each book sale, even if it’s your 30th, is another step toward the dream of having a writing career. Each sale I make is another step in building an agency I’m damn proud of. I should let the world know I’m excited.

But it’s not just sales that we should be celebrating. What goals did you set for yourself last week, last year, or even yesterday that you forgot to celebrate? Did you write the 100 pages you set for yourself? What about querying the agent of your dreams? I finally got through all my emails from vacation and read 10 queries. Goals I plan to celebrate. This blog post. I will celebrate this too.

Taking time at the end of each day to honor the work we’ve done and celebrate our successes makes it so much easier to face those times when we didn’t get it all done. By celebrating that sale, I don’t get as worn down by rejection. Because I’m reminded of what I can do. By celebrating even a mundane day of email helps me know that I’m doing pretty well and maybe achieving this goal will make room for something even bigger tomorrow.





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