Dogs and Books and Your Company Website

  • By: Jessica Faust | Date: May 19 2022

When we first set up our website in 1999 I obviously wanted to promote us, our books, and include my dog. At that time it was Sadie. My web designer was a little more conservative than me and thought the dog was a bad idea. In fact, he weirdly fought me on it. His feeling was that it was unprofessional. My feeling was that it was fun, quirky, and very much BookEnds. More importantly, it was personal, more than a bio could be.

Twenty plus years and three dogs later and my dog has always had their spot on the website. They have never accepted queries though. Weirdly, none learned how to read.

It was this first act of personalization that has followed me through all of my decisions regarding BookEnds. I’m not an uptight, suit-wearing professional. I’m more of that too loud laugh, jeans, and dogs on the website kind. If you watch our YouTube videos you know that well.

When creating your own company website (that’s your author site) think about those things that are very much you. A web professional will know how to design a site. What they won’t know is you. What makes you quirky, fun, different. What makes you unique and interesting. What makes your website, designed by the same designer of all author websites, stand out and personal.