How Much Should I Pay to Get My Book Published?

  • By: Jessica Faust | Date: May 31 2022

Too often I’ll get a query from an author asking how much they should pay to get their book published. Or, stressed because they can’t afford to get their book published, based on rates given to them by publishers.

You should not pay anything to get your book published. You should be paid by the publisher.

Just in case you missed it…a publisher pays the author. Authors should NOT pay the publisher.

In publishing, money flows from the publisher to the author. Never the other way. How much you get paid is going to vary greatly depending on the genre, the work, the author, and, of course, the publisher. But it always comes from the publisher.

So if you’re new to the publishing business and talking to a lot of publishers who are sending a lot of contracts asking for you to write a check. Stop. Spend some time on this website, on our YouTube, and connect with other authors before signing anything. Understanding the business is the first step to starting a career. Whether it’s publishing, restaurants, or beauty supplies.