Literary Dog

It was Jessica Alvarez who we thank for guiding us to Olive. Earlier in the year she adopted her own Sidney from Rescue Dogs Rock and urged me to check out their rescues. The minute I saw Olive’s sweet face I just knew. She was the dog for us. Since we were looking during the 2020 pandemic, things were slow and, I’ll admit, I was panicking. Dogs were being adopted at a record rate and I feared we wouldn’t even get a chance to meet her. But we did and it was love at first sight. Olive was rescued from an abusive home in Texas and brought to New Jersey where she lived with a wonderful foster family for six months while receiving physical therapy on a pelvis and leg damaged when she was hit by a car in Texas.  She still limps slightly, but it certainly doesn’t slow her down. This boxer-mix now lives with Jessica Faust’s family and spends her days in the office lounging and napping. Olive does not read and is not open to submissions  

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