New Client Alert – Emi Pinto

  • By: admin | Date: Mar 05 2021

Name: Emi Pinto
What you Write: Middle Grade Fantasy!
Agent: Emily Forney
Why BookEnds? Beyond their professionalism and experience, BookEnds is an advocate for all authors, and this integrity and transparency is what ultimately led me to find a home within their agency. 

Describe your experience with “The Call.” What do you write? When did the agent catch you? What was it like to get the call of your agent offering on your book/work? How long had you been querying/submitting, etc? Share as much as you’d like!

My scheduled call with Emily came on a snowy Friday, after a long workweek. I won’t lie, leading up to The Call, I was super stressed. There was a lot of build-up, of worry, of self-doubt, and many a wardrobe change (did I mention it was a video call?). I also had to contend with two very vocal cats trying to worm through the office door. But after a few minutes chatting with Emily, the butterflies went away.

Emily saw my little story for everything that it was and more. From her professionalism to her knowledge to her vision of agenting, and even more importantly her undeniable authenticity and love for meaningful storytelling, I knew I could trust her. 

Writing is funny. I share pieces of myself through my stories, hoping to teach something special or share a new perspective. More often it’s the story characters and my readers who end up teaching me things instead. And I hope to keep learning and sharing, as long as I have a story to tell.