New Client Alert – Jody Jensen Shaffer

  • By: admin | Date: Nov 04 2020

Name: Jody Jensen Shaffer 
What you Write: Funny and heartfelt picture books, but occasionally a board book or chapter book will slip through when I’m not looking
Agent: James McGowan
Why BookEnds? BookEnds is a community committed to great books and their authors. I love the collaborative, upbeat way they operate. And James is there, which was the biggest draw for me!

If you’re not reading or writing, what would we catch you doing?  

I love to walk and be outside. I’m a huge fan of all animals and, in particular, dogs. I like sports, and baseball is my favorite. I love to play board games and put puzzles together. My best days are when I get to do any of that with my family.  

Where can readers find you on the web and social media?

Readers can find me on my website at and on Twitter @jodywrites4kids. 

What’s the last book you read?

I’m reading Ann Patchett’s Run right now. And by reading, I mean listening to while I walk outside in nature (see above). My usual exercise listening fare tends toward psychological thrillers or mysteries with unreliable narrators. I’m also rereading Kate DiCamillo’s A Tale of Despereaux. So good. Any my living room is always littered, in a good way, with great picture books.

What excites you most about joining the BookEnds family?

I’m so excited to work with James! He’s a great advocate and cheerleader for my work. 

What advice would you give to other authors in the query trenches?

Write the best story you can. Get feedback from others who write what you write. Read current books in your genre. A lot. Never give up!