New Client Alert — Sarah J. Mendonca

  • By: Emily Forney | Date: Jul 08 2022

Sarah J. Mendonca


What you Write:

Dark and Magical Stories for Kids



Emily Forney


Why BookEnds?

It has a great reputation, and Emily is a wonderful agent. 


What book do you wish you had written, and why?

The Girl That Drank the Moon by Kelly Barnhill made me realize that children’s books can be magical and literary. I cannot recommend it highly enough.  


If you’re not reading or writing, what would we catch you doing?  

Collecting tea like a dragon hoards their gold or finding my way out of dark forests. 


Where can readers find you on the web and social media?

I mostly connect with writers on Twitter (@sarahjmendonca), and readers through BookTok (@sarahjmendonca). I love that everyone is so passionate about reading on TikTok, and it is a great way to find out about new books. 


What’s the last book you read?

I’m currently re-reading the Abhorsen series by Garth Nix before devouring the sixth book – Terciel & Elinor. It’s fun continuing a series that was so impactful on me as a child now as an adult. 


If money were no object, what would be your dream writing location?

Definitely a witches’ cottage in the woods. Instead of being made of candy, it would be made of a sensible wood and surrounded by a tea themed garden. 


What’s your favorite quote about reading or writing?

“Fairy tales are more than true: not because they tell us that dragons exist, but because they tell us that dragons can be beaten.” – Neil Gaiman


What’s your favorite piece of writing advice you’ve received?

I took Neil Gaiman’s MasterClass several years ago, and in it he mentioned that each character needs a “funny hat” or distinctive character trait that makes them unique. I tried taking that to heart with my middle grade heist. 


What excites you most about joining the BookEnds family?

Years ago, I had the opportunity to pitch my last book to Jessica Faust at a literary conference. Though she did not represent my genre, she was very kind and it made me want to query BookEnds again once I had another project. 


What advice would you give to other authors in the query trenches?

Querying is kind of like breaking the Yelnats family curse from the book Holes. It takes both persistence and an element of luck. 


What was the most important question you asked when interviewing agents?

Asking if the agent represents the genres you want to write in. Since I hope to write in picture book through Young Adult that was important to me. 


How did you know your book was ready to submit?

I had just completed Pitch Wars, a writing mentorship, and I felt ready to send it out into the world.