Queries are Problem Solvers

  • By: Jessica Faust | Date: Jun 14 2022

I’ve got a problem that needs to be solved and the answer is in my query inbox.

The problem: I need a new client to sell. Actually, I need two clients, one in fiction and one in nonfiction. I’d take more, but for now I’m searching for two. I’m not alone. At BookEnds I’ve had a lot of discussions recently about the need for new clients. A number of us are on the hunt. We’re looking at our sales numbers for the year and we want to improve them. We also like the energy a new client brings. It’s exciting, invigorating and super rewarding. It makes life fun.

Luckily for us the solution is easy, we dig into our query inbox. Despite what you sometimes hear on social media, the query inbox is not the problem to be solved, it’s the solution to a slow day, an influx of bills (book sales pay the bills), and the need for excitement.

When you’re querying agents you’re walking into a room of receptive people seeking something or someone to help them solve their problems. You’ve got the solution to my struggles.

I hope with the next query you send you remember this, you’re helping me out a lot. Thank you.