12 Days of Books — Umaima Saleem

  • By: BookEnds | Date: Nov 27 2020

What better gift this holiday season than an amazing book! We at BookEnds have each crafted our own 12 days of books that can complete your shopping for the holidays.

For the following 12 Days of Books, BookEnds’s Umaima Saleem has a few she enjoyed this year.

Up first is children’s book, Queen of Physics: How Wu Chien Shiung Helped Unlock the Secrets of the Atom by Teresa Robeson, illustrated by Rebecca Huang. Wu Chien Shiung was a woman of many firsts, yet I had not heard of her contributions to the world of physics until this book. Robeson does a remarkable job giving the reader an honest biography of Wu Chien Shiung.

Everyone reading this blog post is most likely a writer. The Art of War for Writers: Fiction Writing, Strategies, Tactics, and Exercises by James Scott Bell has made its permanent home on my keeper’s shelf. Whenever I feel lost, stuck, or frustrated with my writing, I pick this one up right away.

Over the summer I discovered historical romance author, Kerrigan Byrne’s novel The Highwayman and have fallen in love! It is the first in her Victorian Rebel series. If you enjoy dark Victorian romance, then Kerrigan is the author for you!

As an avid romance reader, there is nothing I enjoy more than a good marriage of convenience story. Why? Because there is nothing convenient about it! Earlier this month, Vows In Name Only by Naima Simone was published by Harlequin Desire. This one is amazing and you do not want to miss it!

BONUS! One of the greatest things James has done for me (besides convince Jessica to take me on as an intern earlier this year!) was introduce me to the PASSION PLANNER! What convinced me to buy one for myself was the structure of the planner. It’s where I put my work, personal, and writing schedule. It also helps me keep up with my goals, while also reflecting on the previous week or month. See for yourself!

It has been a tough year for all of us, especially for independent bookstores. One store I plan on supporting is Books Are Magic, located in Brooklyn, NY. Check them out!

I wish everyone a safe and happy holiday! I hope 2021 is the year all of your wishes and dreams comes true!