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Tracy Marchini’s #MSWL Madness

…my taste in illustration, I’m including an image from each of my illustrators below (from left: Kristina Jones, Angela Traunig, Yvonne Ivinson, Charlene Chua, Valentina Mendicino and Sally Deng)! Some things I’m not…

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BookEnds Jr.

…Dan Marvin Brittany Mazique James McGowan Valentina Mendicino DeShanna & Trinity Neal Andy Narwhal Joana Pastro Norene Paulson Audrey Perrott Brenda Peterson Sana Rafi Jocelyn Rish Teresa Robeson Rachel Ruiz…


Illustrators (old)

Shafer Brown Charlene Chua Christee Curran-Bauer Sally Deng Raissa Figueroa David Hohn Yvonne Ivinson Kristina Jones Valentina Mendicino Daniel Tarrant Bobby Timony Angela Traunig Anthony Wheeler…