A #PubDay Giveaway for Death of a Major

  • By: Jessica Faust | Date: Jan 15 2016

We are belatedly celebrating the release of Death of a Major, the second book in Sarah Fox’s Music Lover’s mystery series with a giveaway.

The first five people to correctly answer the following question will receive a download code for a copy of Sarah’s wonderful book.

Who at BookEnds is known to occasionally perform with her violin?

Answers need to be made in the comments on the blog to be considered.

2 responses to “A #PubDay Giveaway for Death of a Major”

  1. Avatar Sarah Meral says:

    My guess (since I obviously don’t know it) is you Jessica F. 🙂

    Even if this is not right, I have found a new series I want to check out.

  2. Avatar Jearl Rugh says:

    I would say Moe Ferrara as she studied music.