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  • By: admin | Date: Nov 01 2016

This was such a fun thing to think about and, also, write about! My folks have been watching the film obsessively lately. Alas, while none of my wants feature kopi luwak, here’s a little glimpse into the things I hope to accomplish one day — both personally and professionally!


  1. Play a Broadway show… in a Broadway Pit: So as many of you know, I’m a huge theatre fanatic. It’s beyond just SEEING a show (which that list of seen shows is probably longer than my arm at this point) — I’ve also played for about 100+ shows in my 15 year career at the Erie Playhouse and various other theatres throughout New York, Pennsylvania, and Ohio. However there is that one pinnacle that shines above all else: the Great White Way. I’ve had the pleasure of seeing dear friends of mine perform on those boards, but I’ve always wanted the chance to crawl into a pit and play. I’ve been close on a couple of occasions — but one day I would love to play for a show. Any show, really (but preferably not Rogers & Hammerstein…)
  2. Represent a Best-Seller: I know, I know. I think this is one thing that is on all of our bucket-lists, and for good reason! We get into this crazy, amazing business to see our clients succeed in every way possible. I want to see my clients sell as many copies as possible and, of course, that means seeing their names on as many different best-seller lists as we can manage! (That’s, of course, coupled with a film deal and all those other shiny awards too…)
  3. Live in the United Kingdom: I sorta did this one already when I lived in London for about six months in law school. That said, London is one of the few places in the world that I absolutely feel at home and as the years have passed between Spring 2011 and now, I’ve grown very homesick for my adopted homeland. (Yes, I said adopted. I am an adopted brit courtesy of two very dear friends of mine.) I don’t know if it’s a place I could ever move to full-time since I am so family oriented! But all the same, I’d love to be able to split my time between the U.S. and the U.K. — who knows, maybe BookEnds UK is in our future one day!
  4. Get caught up on my Inbox… and stay there: I’m rapidly moving toward being completely caught up on all of my queries received at this point (huzzah!) and then I’ll turn my attention to submissions. Thankfully, my mom’s health has improved dramatically and, as I am the primary care-giver, her being out of hospital and away from doctors has allowed me to make my way to where I would much rather be. As always, thank you guys for your patience! <3 (and, of course, for the record, my query inbox is here!)
  5. Go to the Corgi Beach Meetup: If you haven’t ever seen this, it’s the most amazing thing ever. (Buzzfeed has a video! Because of course Buzzfeed has everything.) All the corgis EVER go to a beach and play. Granted, in order to do this I both a, need to travel to California and b, have a corgi. Both of those things are inconsequential, really. Since I may or may not be getting a corgi puppy in 2017…this may be in my cards. If I can get to California with him/her that is.
  6. Travel, travel, travel: Someday I’d love to be able to say I travelled to every continent in the world. I’d love to see more of Europe and it’s been a dream of mine to one day see Tokyo. I’ve always been a history buff so I’d love to see Buenos Aires (Evita!) and Austria/Germany (All things Beethoven and music history). While the spiders are enormous… Australia would be awesome, too. And, well, who doesn’t want to at least have a short stop off in Antarctica to see some penguins?

7 responses to “BookEnds #Bucketlist – Moe”

  1. Avatar Midnight_Writer says:

    Tokyo is great, Moe. A lot of beautiful shrines and historical sites as well as nightlife. And the shopping… OMG, the shopping…

    One word of advice though: Stay away from Roppongi at night. A friend of mine and I accidentally stumbled into an S & M club, and I still have nightmares. 🙂

    • Avatar Moe Ferrara says:

      That’s why I’ve always wanted to see Tokyo — the shrines and the historical sites. And yikes… that would give you nightmares if you weren’t expecting it…

  2. Avatar Wendy says:

    Waitwait – why is the corgi puppy crossed out? WHAT HAPPENED TO THE CORGI PUPPY? You’re depriving us of future pictures!

    • Avatar Moe Ferrara says:

      XD Because it’s the “shhh it’s happening in the spring hopefully so gonna cross this out like it isn’t happening though it totally is…”

      • Avatar Wendy says:

        You’re gonna post a million pictures, though, right? And dress it up in little costumes whenever you get the chance? And tweet about all the funny things it does?

        We’re not getting a puppy until Evelyn is five at the earliest (so June), but that hasn’t stopped me from falling in love with half the dogs on . . .

  3. Avatar AJ Blythe says:

    Hate to tell you, Moe, it’s not our big spiders you have to be afraid of =) You should watch this clip by comedians Scared Weird Little Guys (goes for a smidge over a minute) “Come to Australia”

    Are you sure the choice of a corgi isn’t a subconscious need to be more British?

  4. Avatar Hollie says:

    I love the Bookends UK idea, but York is nicer than London.

    In the spring if you make a new instagram account, a corgi puppy would be welcomed by the beagles. I’m sure Daisy, Mimzy and Harry @daisy_beagle_uk will introduce him/her to all 820 followers.